Event Dashboard

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Bulk Updates

Instead of making modifications one by one, we offer bulk updating through our dashboard. With a click of a button you can update a list of items within seconds.


Events, teams, and players are all managed through the dashboard. Update event settings, send emails to a single team, teams in a division, or all teams in an event. Generate pools, brackets, schedule, and much more. Everything you need to manage an event can be found under the dashboard.

Single page application

The dashboard is made up of a single page containing all the functionality to drive and maintain your tournament. Since the dashboard is a single page making updates are extremely fast.

Help and assistance

Since the dashboard contains alot of features you will find help icons available on every page explaining certain fields or how something works.

Dashboard Help

No Loss of data

Some pages have built-in functionality that will remind you of unsaved changes if you try to navigate away from a page where an update was made making sure no data loss occurs.

Easy navigation

The dashboard has an easy to navigate interface to get where you want quickly. We take advantage of multiple navigation menus, breadcrumbs, and button actions.

Consistent look

The dashboard throughout has a consistent feel. After navigating the dashboard you will see how intuitive it is to use.

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