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2017 Packet Availability: This season the packet creator and validator will only be available to customers who use us for scheduling. If you want to take advantage of this tool make the switch to us for your event scheduling and save on each event.

Create NCAA college coaches packets using our free tool. Stop copying and pasting and worrying about mistakes and let us do the heavy work for you. Just fill out the form below with your email, event name, logo, start date, end date, and the exported data file provided from the NCAA website that contains teams, coaches, and players for your event. Once you click the create button below the packet will be created and downloaded automatically. Also an email will be sent to you containing the packet along with any errors or warnings that happened during the creation of the packet. If you want something custom please contact us for pricing options.

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The following validation rules are used during processing:

  1. Check each athlete for a name, address and telephone number.
  2. Check addresses and telephone numbers for players and coaches aren't the same.
  3. Check for invalid or expired coach's approval numbers.
  4. Check P.O. Boxes are not utilized.
  5. Check out of state players are three or less per team (includes metropolitan area validation).
  6. Check out of state players are in a valid adjoined state per team (includes metropolitan area validation).

For more information on these rules read the operating a team event checklist from the NCAA.

Note: We don't share or store the date or file that is generated. The packet is downloaded to your computer, and sent to the email provided below.

Packet Tool
Large files can take between 5-20 minutes to process so please be patient.

Support? If your file fails to generate a packet or the packet is missing data, please notify us so we can help you diagnose the problem.

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