Online NCAA Educational Session

The first of its kind, online NCAA educational session for any NCAA certified event. Tired of all the chaos of having the NCAA educational session on site? Have all teams already complete the NCAA educational session before they show up for registration. Let the team coaches take the burden off your event and have them handle it for you. Coaches create accounts and invite all their players to join the roster giving the athletes access to the NCAA educational session process. Our online NCAA educational session offers the following benefits:

How does the process work for an athlete? They simply create an account with a team and navigate to the educational session for the event that team is participating in. The athlete watches a 9 minute video while answering random questions during the session. This will verify the athlete watched the entire video, and payed attention.

Director Educational Session

Coach Educational Session

Athlete Educational Session

If you would like a hard copy of this on DVD to play at your site request one by contacting us.

To learn more about the NCAA Educational Session visit the educational tool kit on the NCAA website.

For instructions and troubleshooting visit the support forum.

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