Real-Time Standings and Brackets

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Pool Seedings

Pool play seeds are calculated as soon as scores are entered for a game in that pool. Once a score is entered the pool is calculated for seeding using the predefined pool rules selected when the event was created.

Bracket Positions

Bracket Positions

After creating and setting up your bracket updating the bracket is automated. Bracket positions are automatically updated after a pool has completed game play and for each game played within the bracket. The bracket will move the winner or loser to their new position without any manual help.

If a mistake was made in the bracket and a team advanced when they shouldn't of updating the correct result is easy. Just update the score of the game the mistake was made and the bracket will transverse all rounds after that game with the correct result.


Pool results and bracket documents are automatically updated when game results come in. Coaches, teams, and fans will always have the most up to date results for the event.

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