FEBA Fall Classic

October 26-27, 2019 Folsom, California



Thank you for joining us this Fall for our 1st Annual FEBA Fall
Classic! The tournament schedule is LIVE! We use the Exposure Events App. to record all games, results & activities. Please, please encourage all of your coaches, parents & players to download the app & follow along the tourney's results. Games on Saturday are ALL in pool play. On Sunday we have some pool play and some bracket play. The venues are all in Folsom. Addresses are on the app & the Exposure Events website as well as all other info.
NOTE: The Sutter Middle School we use is in Folsom NOT Sacramento.
As you know, sometimes there are unavoidable schedule changes but we can't make changes based on convenience or personal preference unless you requested it PRIOR to the event. Thanks again for coming - we will work hard to make sure everyone has a great weekend!

FEBA Fall Classic Schedule

Mike Wall & Todd Bragonier
FEBA Directors

10/24/2019 1:01 PM


Please fill out this blank roster form (see attached) for each of your teams in our tournament. We want to run a clean event in which teams are consistent and have the same players in each game. You must select your team from the same roster for each game and players are to be in the grade level your team represents or below. Turn the form in via email by Friday night or bring it to your first game, where you will check in, turn in waivers, get your wristband & pay (if necessary). Thanks!

Mike Wall & Todd Bragonier
FEBA Directors

10/24/2019 5:59 PM


In order to get liability insurance, we are required to have parents of ALL players sign a waiver. I have attached a copy of that waiver to this email ... Please email a copy to your parents & collect them in a manilla envelopebefore you arrive. You must turn in ALL waivers at check in before your first game along with a TEAM ROSTER. Players must be on your roster in order for them to play. Thanks.

Mike Wall

10/24/2019 1:10 AM


I apologize for the late changes and message but it was completely unavoidable as we had a program drop out 4 hours ago & they had 4 teams. I worked very hard to minimize the damage but MANY OF YOU will be affected. This may change your game times and / or location or both. Very few teams had their first game moved up however.
You need to CHECK THE SCHEDULE and COMMUNICATE the changes with your parents. The schedule is correct on the app & in the attachment below you can find each team's schedule. You will also be given a game schedule in your packet when you check in. Please reach out if you have any issues with being able to fulfill your games in the newly edited schedule.

Mike Wall & Todd Bragonier

10/25/2019 11:26 PM

Directors, Coaches, and Parents,
First, weappreciate your teams or teams coming to our FEBA Fall Classic…Please double check schedules just in case. Here are some thingsto know!!!
Payment must be made before any team can play any games. This can be done by check made out to FEBA, cash for the correct amount but please ask for a receipt or a venmo payment. If you have not done so then please take care of this ASAP. Teams must show up on time so we can keep the schedule consistent. Each team must hand in a roster before their firstgameso we may verify each teams roster.Players should beplaying with ONLY one team per division. The team listed first is the home team and the team listedsecond is the away team. I realize some teams may NOT have different color uniforms so coaches please work out (who is home and who is away) before thestart of thegame. Teams will receive ONLY 2 coaches bracelets per day at their first game sight. All tournament games are all being played in the city of Folsom, CA. Directors and coaches are responsible for the behavior of their fans and players. Thismeansharassment of any ref or score person will NOT be tolerated!!! Please let them do their job!!! FEBA works extremely hard to runquality events and we ask everyone to treat all people with respect at all times.
  • National Federation of State High School Association Rules Apply
  • Ball size.
    • Girls – 28.5
    • Boys 9/U 3rd thru12/U 6th – 28.5
    • Boys 13/U 7th thru 17/U 11th Mens Regulation Size
  • Jersey color.
    It is not mandatory that all teams have (2) color jerseys. (light and dark) However, it is highly recommended to avoid teams wearing the same color at the same time. When possible the home team will wear light, and visitors wear dark. Coaches should work this out diplomatically before game time.
  • No shot clock.10 second back court violation.
  • On all free throws, players should enter lane after release by the shooter.
  • Technical foulsresults in (2) shots and the ball.
  • No full-court presswhen your team is ahead by 25+
  • No jewelry, plastic bracelets, ear rings, etc…shall be worn by players.
  • Team may start game with4 players.
  • Games for all divisions will be 20 minute runningclock...
  • Stop time is ONLY the last 1 minute of each half.
  • Time outsper game are two full timeouts (1 minute) and one 30 second timeout.
  • Tie breakerdetermined by #1 Head to Head, #2 point differential (max 15 points per game).
  • Overtime Rules.
  • 1st overtime will be 2 minutes.
  • 2nd overtime will be sudden death.
  • Any team that does not show upfor any scheduled game, will be financially responsible for each game missed. ($100.00)
  • Game time is game time.
  • (exception) If a team shows up with in 10 minutes, the game clock will start on time and the clock will run with an adjustment to the clock. If a team is more than 10 minutes late, the game is a forfeit. In addition, the game may start earlier than scheduled time, only if both coaches agree to start early.
  • There may beunforeseen circumstancesthat may require site director to make changes concerning the manner in which the clock is being run. If the tournament is running behind time it maybe come necessary for the clock to be run. Once the tournament has been determined to be back on time we will adjust the games.
  • Once the game is complete,no player, coach or spectator is allowed to approach the officials or scores employee for any reason. Doing so will result in ejection, suspension or disqualification (based on the Tournament Director’s discretion).
  • FEBA reserves the rightto remove any Coach/Player/Spectator without refund of payment.
  • Saturday Admission
  • Admission will be charged each day at all gyms
  • $10.00 for all adults
  • $5.00 for all kids over 5
  • ages 5 & under are free
  • Coaches must check in at the door of their first game
  • (2) coaches per team allowed free admission. Additional coaches will be required to pay admission.
  • Sunday Admission
  • Admission will be charged each day at all gyms
  • $10.00 for all adults
  • $5.00 for all kids over 5
  • ages 5 & under are free
  • Coaches must check in at the door of their first game.
  • (2) coaches per team allowed free admission. Additional coaches will be required to pay admission.

10/24/2019 7:37 PM

First, I appreciate all of you coming to our FEBA Fall Classic. Next, I am working on schedules and I will have them out ASAP. However, please confirm your requests or conflicts as want to do the schedule ONLY once. (Examples…same coaches…certain times…certain days) Also, I want to add it is ALMOST impossible to accommodate everyone so I ask you to be flexible. Some things may be out of our control. If you have NEVER done a tournament then you may NOT understand the amount of work that goes in.PLEASE respond to this e-mail so I have your requests or conflicts in an e-mail.Once again Mike & I are thankful your team or teams are coming over as I know their are lots of AAU tournaments around. I know many of you are like me and direct your program, or coach several teams so it can be hard. I ONLY ask you to be a little reasonable as we take pride in all we DO. In other words, we want to run a clean tournament and get everyone to have a GREART experience. Finally, I ask everyone to be honest with the ability of your team or teams. I do NOT want to have ANY blow outs as I find these NO FUN for either team…

Please click on this LINK and fill out the information ASAP - The schedule will be released earlier if everyone responds!
Todd B Bragonier
FEBA Co-Director

10/22/2019 12:58 AM


  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $200.00-$275.00 entry fee
  • 4 Game guarantee


Folsom High School Map
Folsom High School
1655 Iron Point Road
Folsom, CA, 95630


Todd Bragonier


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