Southwestern Ohio Basketball - Winter League Teams

December 6 - March 8, 2020 Cincinnati, Ohio


I'm Possible Footwork Seminar

January 4, 2020
Featuring: Bryce Stanhope

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Southwestern Ohio Basketball

Landmark Sports Complex
1600 Glendale Milford Rd
@ Aerohub
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215



12/28/2019 11:27 AM

I sent this email out last week, and then we had 11 cancellations less than 72 hours from game time, 6 no show - no calls, and a few other requests to move games after this went out for this past weekend. I understand things come up, but again this affects more than you and the other coach. Its not fair to the people who are affected by these especially the kids.
I need to know today of any games where you were cancelled or no showed on this past season. Please send me the age group; date, time and location of the game; and the opponent who cancelled / no showed on you. We will be making a list to reach out to these teams this week. These teams may be disqualified from the year end tourney.
On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 12:52:28 AM EST, Tom Sunderman <> wrote:
I need to go over a few important topics. Please read this carefully and communicate any concerns or questions you might have.
CANCELLATIONS - We have had an abnormal amount of requests to reschedule games, last minute cancellations, and no-shows. I understand things come up, but this is really, really get bad right now. We have been good over the years working with teams, but in the last two weeks we have had over 80 of these games / incidents. This causes a lot of headaches. First of all when these happen it affects more than the other coach - it affects 8 - 10 families too. Second, the games half the time do not get made up so the kids are now cheated out of part of their schedule - these kids look froward to playing their games - I know my son does. Third of all, the gyms are now out referee money, gym rental, and worker costs. In the end it may cost the gym $100. I am asking you to please do everything you can to get subs or get a replacement team. If a team has forfeited a game or cancelled a game without an agreed makeup solution this season, you will be withheld from the post season tourney schedule, unless you pay the $50 no show deposit. Cathi and will be making a list of these teams and hopefully sending out this list over the next week.
SCORES - Please check to see if we have all your scores win or lose. Your seed and what bracket you go in will be based on your record. If a score is not called in we don't know which team deserves the win, thus casing s to out you in the right tourney. Please go to the website and report any missing or incorrect scores on this link. If you cannot do this then just simply email them back to me and I will get them to Cathi.
MAKE UP GAMES - If you do have games to make up, we will make up games at Landmark Feb 21 and 22. Email Cathi or myself to make these games up. It helps if you have communicated with the other coach with a potential time to do it.
POST SEASON TOURNEY - All teams will be included in the tourney unless you indicate to me you will not be playing or if you fall into the above situation on no shows / forfeits. If you have any scheduling issues regarding the tourney send them to me by next Monday February 17th. The tourneys will be scheduled next week and seeded to the best of our ability. Teams WILL move up and possibly down accordingly. It is not an exact science especially if we are missing scores. Due to each age group ending their league play on different weekends, each age group will start on different weekends. We will try ot run the tourney over just two weekend per age group to the best of our ability. Here bare the weekends each age group will start:
1st Boys Feb 22
2nd Boys Feb 29
3rd Boys Feb 29 (Athletic) Feb 22 (Rec)
4th Boys Feb 29 (Athletic) Feb 23 (Rec)
5th Boys Feb 22
6th Boys Feb 29 (Athletic) Feb 29 (Rec)
7th Boys Feb 22
8th Boys Feb 22
HS Boys Feb 22
3rd - 6th Girls Feb 29
7th & 8th Girls Feb 22
You are responsible for paying refs during the tourney.
Please make sure you get to your remainder games. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email them to me. Thanks
Tom Sunderman

2/18/2020 10:03 AM

Saturday, February 8, 2020
ALL games are happening today, with one exception:
Campbell County Middle School is CLOSED.

2/8/2020 11:21 AM

In order to round out the pools to our upcoming tournament, we are looking for a team from the following divisions:

2nd grade boys
3rd grade boys
5th grade boys - Rec
6th grade boys - Rec
4th grade girls
6th grade girls
7th grade girls

Please consider signing up during the holiday break from league games.
Contact Tom by texting 513-235-9007 ASAP.

For the teams who have signed up - thank you. Let your families know that admission will be $5/per day for adults/seniors and $0 for those 17 and under. All games will be at Landmark - CASH ONLY

We are also offering a 3-day Christmas Skills Clinic. December 26-28,
9:30am - 12:30pm. Cost is $95. Here is the link to register:

12/18/2019 7:59 PM

  • An updated FINAL schedule was posted at 5pm today. Due to 7 teams leaving the league and 11 teams being added from the waiting list - opponents have changed. This mainly affects certain pools in boys grades 1-6 and girls grades 3, 4 and 5. Please make sure you refresh your computer, update your calendars, snap teams, hard copies, etc.
  • All reschedules from this point forward will be based on the reschedule policy that will be posted in the morning.
  • It is the responsibility of the winning team to submit their game's score. Here is the link: All fields are "must have", beginning with the date AND time of the game. Team names AND the scoreare both necessary to post to Exposure.
  • Admission to EACH gym can not exceed $3 per adult/senior and $0 for 17 and under. There is a daily admission at each location. If you need to step outside, for any reason, make sure you know that gym's re-entry policy.

12/18/2019 7:46 PM

Report Score

Here is the link to submit your scores. It is the winning team's responsibility. All fields are "must have", starting with the date and time.

Make sure the name of the team and not just the score is entered. There are 300+ teams and 1500+ games to keep track of, so please don't send emails or texts to Tom.

Thank you for your part in making this a successful season!

12/17/2019 3:24 PM

Cutoff has been extended until tomorrow night at midnight. Please follow the link below to sign up.

12/16/2019 6:16 PM


We have not received confirmation from all teams with games this weekend. There were a lot of changes made, due possibly to one or more of your opponents. All coaches need to review their schedule. If you have already confirmed for this weekend, thank you. If not, please see the message from 9am today for details.

If you have not submitted your roster, along with up to 2 assistants, please email it to, or bring it to Landmark during games.

The "League" tab on has a link to Exposure for the schedule. Please take advantage of the Exposure App for the LIVE schedule. Any info you add to Team Snap or hard copy you print, is not the LIVE schedule.

There is also a list of gyms and their addresses, also found on the Exposure App, along with a link to Google Maps to get you to your game.

League Rules are also on the League Page.

Lastly, there is a link to report the score from your game. It is the responsibility of the WINNING team to complete the form. You can do it yourself, or designate an assistant/parent with the task.

Have a great season!

12/6/2019 9:22 PM


The SWOB Winter League schedule is LIVE. It is FINAL! There will be no reschedules this weekend, unless caused by an administrator's error. Deadlines for changes have passed. Our league policy for any further schedule change requests will be posted on Monday.

CONFIRM your games for this first weekend ONLY. Send an email to Subject: SWOB Confirmation. Please only include the GRADE, TEAM NAME, DATE, TIME and LOCATION of your game(s).

*The following gyms will need to schedule their own refs for their 'single' home games: Aurora, Batavia, Cheviot, Delhi, Douglas and Oak Hills.

Here is the link to pay online:

12/6/2019 9:00 AM

If you have a team that is not scheduled this first weekend - and would like one - send an EMAIL ONLY to

Subject of email:
Can I have a game this weekend?

Include your team name, grade and availability. The games will be added to Landmark and/or Friars schedule.

Thanks for your patience as we work on finalizing the league's schedule.

12/2/2019 9:34 PM


The tentative schedule is LIVE

If you have an absolute conflict for this first weekend, an email (NO calls or texts will be accepted) must be submitted to by Tuesday, December 3rd @ noon. All other absolute conflicts must be submitted in an email (NO calls or texts will be accepted) to by midnight, Wednesday, December 4th.

You may not have all 10 games scheduled. We are working on an 1800 game schedule, with just as many conflicts/requests. You will be notified (by Exposure) as they are scheduled.

If we have not received your league payment by midnight, Wednesday, December 4th - your games will replaced until you have paid. Here is the link to pay online:

12/2/2019 8:18 PM

The winter league will begin on Friday, December 6; schedule will be posted by Monday, December 2.

If you have not already made your league payment, please follow this link to do so

11/27/2019 1:02 PM

The following teams are officially participating in the Southwestern Ohio Basketball - Winter League.
Please note however, some participating teams may not be present yet. Click on the team to view more details.

To receive updates for a participant navigate to the participants profile and follow instructions under notifications.

1st Grade Boys

2nd Grade Boys

3rd Grade Boys

4th Grade Boys

5th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys

7th Grade Boys

8th Grade Boys

HS Boys

3rd/4th Grade Girls

5th Grade Girls

6th Grade Girls

JH Girls

All event related questions should be directed to Tom Sunderman at or call 513-235-9007.

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