Black Diamond Showcase

February 21-23, 2020 Tampa, Florida


Coaches our apologies, we had to rearrange a substantial portion of the schedule.. Please double check your schedules to make sure you have the most up to date version.

Please clear your cache snd double check your schedules.

It is your responsibility to make sure you know the schedule and convey it to your parents, players, and coaches.

2/19/2020 5:52 PM

Top Team is Home
Bottom Team is Away

We will have staff at the scores table to run the clock .-Home team must provide a Scorekeeper at the scores table. If they do not provide one away team will be offered the opportunity to have an offical score keeper. If neither team provides a scorekeeper any descrpacny will go solely based on what the clock keeper has.

Sunday Bracket Play Higher Seed is Home Lower Seed is Away.

2/19/2020 2:56 PM

Coaches we give you 2 bands per team.

This is not extended to wifes, husband, girlfriends, scorekeepers, trainers, statiticians, therapist, camera crew, photigraphers, or any other general support staff you may have.

Coaches who actually Coach on the bench!!

2/19/2020 3:05 AM

WE ACCEPT CASH... at all location.

Daily admission requirememnts
Adults $10.00 Children
Ages 6-12 $5.00

2/19/2020 3:02 AM

Avant Garde Acadamy
** If you have games at the facility you have 3 parking lots to choose from. DO NOT PARK ON ANY PORTION OF THE LOOP. VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE.Please refrain from wondering and using areas on the school grounds that are not directly related to the gymnasium including playgrounds, outside courts, and picnic areas. keep all activity in the gym.

Bible Based Fellowship/ Plato Academy
**If you have games at the facility please park close to the Plato building. This is where the gym is located. Please refrain from wondering and using areas on the church grounds that are not directly related to the gymnasium.

SLAM - Tamps
** Please do not park on the row closes to the exterior of the building. It is reserved for staff and first responders.Please refrain from wondering and using areas on the school grounds that are not directly related to the gymnasium.

2/19/2020 3:00 AM

Rosters are a requirement.
Please make sure your roster is linked with your team prior to the deadline Thursday at 10pm. The fastest way to do so if you haven't done it through our website is to find your team on the schedule. Click on them and claim them. Create a coaches account and upload participants. If your player is flagged by the system then that more than likely means they are to old for that division.
If you believe that is an error please send all eligibility determination request to Coach Davis at

Team books are required to be on hand in the event of a paid coaches challenge.
Documenst include childs picture copy of report card from this school year and a birth certificate.

We want everyone to enjoy the weekend and look forward to seeing some great competion.

2/19/2020 2:49 AM


Please double check your schedule. Make sure to double check Friday to make sure there where no changes.
Spectator Entry $10.00 (Adult ) & $5.00 Children) Cash Only
Rosters are required and due by Thursday at 10pm failure to do so may result in forfeits and prolonged check-in (If you haven't done so you can do it through our
Coaches pleasehave your players arrive early games may start up to 30 minutes early. We have a lot of games this weekend and will try to maintain and stay ahead of schedule.
NOTE: Gym Doors Open to Players and Coaches 30 minutes prior to first game Saturday & 15 minutes prior to the first game on Sunday. Spectator Admission Starts 10 minutes prior to first game both days.

We know it is a long weekend and we will have concession on site.
Coaches please bring your own warm up balls - Officials will select a game ball from the two teams.

We will have staff at the scores table to run the clock .-Home team must provide a Scorekeeper at the scores table.

Lastly Please RESPECT The facility: Clean up your bench after each game, Throw away your trash, have your parents watch their children, Coaches/ Players/ Parents/ and Referees speak to each other in a respectful manner and tone.

2/19/2020 2:41 AM


  • “Be at your court 30 minutes ahead of schedule”
  • We will start games ahead of schedule within a 30 minute window of game time if your court is ahead of schedule.

***** RULES *****

  • Standard High School Rules
  • 12-minute Halves- Clock Stops for All Timeouts & FT (3rd-6thGrade)
  • 14 minute Halves- Clock Stops for All Timeouts & FT (7th & 8th Grade)
  • 16 minutes Halves- Clock Stops for All Timeouts & FT (9th-12thGrade)
  • 1st Overtime Standard 1 min
  • 2nd Overtime Sudden Death 1st to score wins untimed
  • 2-minute Half Time
  • 3 Total Full timeout per game
  • 7 team fouls per half per team (1&1)
  • Players and Coaches are allotted 3 total technical fouls for the tournament – anyone who receives a 4thtechnical will be ineligible to participate for the remainder of the tournament. 2 technical fouls in one game will result in being thrown out for the remainder of that game.
  • Double Bonus 10 team fouls per half per team (2 shots)
  • 5 Personal Fouls (Disqualified)
  • 20 Points down initiates a running clock (10 points differential will stop the clock again)

Team with 25 point lead cannot press and cannot initiate defense above half court.

2/19/2020 2:35 AM


Come check out a great early tournament to get ready for the 2020 competitive year. 3 Game Guarantee Top Team Home Bottom Team Away 125.00 Per Team Awards 1st & 2nd Place Deadline Feb 15, 2020 Late Registration $150.00 up to Feb 16,- 17 2020

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $125.00-$150.00 entry fee
  • 3 Game guarantee


Tampa Fl Map
Tampa Fl
7116 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, FL, 33626


Coach Davis


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