San Diego Sol presents

International Games Registration

July 10-12, 2020 San Diego, California

To register for the International Games complete the form below.


Registration Policy: Teams are not officially registered for the event until payment is made in full. Unpaid teams will not be placed on the schedule. By accepting these terms and conditions you also understand that any requests and/or restrictions are not guaranteed. Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request(s) but there is no guarantee that they will be met. Returned Check Policy: If a check is returned for ANY reason, a $30 administrative fee will be added to your balance (to cover bank charge and administrative costs). After a check is returned, the balance must be paid with cash or a money order. Documentation: Coaches/team reps are responsible for providing correct documentation (birth certificates, report cards etc.) in the event their team is challenged. Coaches also are responsible for maintaining a proper concussion protocol for their players and assume all liability for player injuries while at any San Diego Sol, Inc. event. Team rosters and waivers MUST be completed and turned in BEFORE the start of their first game on the first day of the event. Failure to do so could result in a forfeit and possible disqualification of the team(s) in the event. Coaches should sign up for text/email messaging so that you can receive instant and up to date scheduling and game information for the event. Waiver Release: By checking this box I verify that all the players listed on my roster are in good health and fully able to participate in this event. I hereby release San Diego Sol, Inc. and all host sites and all its members, coaching staff, volunteers, and all activity coordinators affiliated with these organizations (collectively the “indemnities”) from any and all liability for any injury, illness or loss sustained by the participants and/or any person(s) related to or affiliated with participant while participating in/with the San Diego Sol, Inc. This includes but is not limited to San Diego Sol, Inc. sponsored events, training, practices, clinics, camps, scrimmage games, league games, tournament games, events sponsored by organizations other than the San Diego Sol, Inc., emergency/medical expenses, and traveling to and from such events. By checking this box I assume all risks and absolve, indemnify and hold the Indemnities harmless of any and all liability or damage, injury, or expense of any kind arising out, or connected with this event.

I hereby give my full permission for the use of any member of my team’s name, picture, image, video, likeness, actions, voice, or other personally identifiable information, in whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with other images, captured by any means as part of my participation in any San Diego Sol, Inc. . and/or an affiliate sponsored event. I waive all rights of privacy or compensation, which I may have in connection with such use of my name, picture, image, video, likeness, actions, voice or other personally identifiable information, to be used by the San Diego Sol, Inc. and/or its affiliates and/or sponsors for promotional purposes in any media whatsoever.

If I cancel my registration 15 days or more in advance of the start date of an event, the San Diego Sol, Inc. will refund my registration fee for that event, If I cancel my registration less than 15 days prior to the event, the San Diego Sol, Inc. will not refund my money, All cancellation requests must be in writing with no exceptions.

All event related questions should be directed to Amy Cleveland at or call 619-933-7740.

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