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JR Sports: Back-To-School Showcase Registration

August 8-9, 2020 Arlington, Texas

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This event offers a roster between 5 and 12 active players.

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COACH: As a duly authorized team representative, I acknowledge, agree and confirm that all team representatives and coaches accept full responsibility for the conduct of team players, coaches, and fans on and off the court or field and will promote only the best sportsmanship among all of us, win or lose. I further agree that all players, coaches, and fans will be bound by the Rules & Policies of J.R. Sports, LLC, and the application of such rules and policies by event management. I affirm and pledge that each of the players listed above is eligible to participate in the selected division as provided in the Player Eligibility Rules for J.R. Sports, LLC. I also acknowledge that by inputting my contact information, I am allowing J.R. Sports, LLC to contact me regarding any tournaments. PARENT: In consideration of being allowed to participate, each participant and his/her legal representative, WAIVE ALL CLAIMS for injury, accident or loss of any kind AND HEREBY RELEASE J.R. SPORTS, LLC, all facilities, sponsoring organizations, and their respective employees, members, agents, contractors, and representatives from any and all losses, claims, damages, and other liabilities arising from participation in or attending such event. As further consideration of participation, each participant and his/her legal representative consent to J.R. Sports, LLC taking photographs or video of participants at event sites. J.R. Sports, LLC retains the right to use any such photographs or video for publicity, advertising, or website/social media posts. This Agreement & Waiver apply & extend to any and all events of J.R. Sports, LLC, held from 1/01/2020 thru 12/31/2020.

All event related questions should be directed to Coach Sneed at info@jrsports.org or call 817-891-4811.

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