BLAZE presents

Hardwood Hustle Venues

July 31 - August 2, 2020
Appleton, Wisconsin


Hello Hardwood Hustle Directors/Coaches,

We hope the end of your summer has been well.

We wanted to make sure everyone knew that refunds were given to all the teams and clubs where needed by our expected date of Friday, August 14th with two final checks mailed out on Monday, August 17th.

If you have any questions or additional needs regarding gear, please feel free to email us at

Thank you!
Lisa Van Wyk

8/30/2020 11:12 PM

Hello Hardwood Hustle Teams!

As an organization Blaze truly appreciates your committment to participate in the Hardwood Hustle this season!

With the craziness of the mask mandate, and the late night last minute rescheduling of teams, we know that some of you were fortunate enough to play Friday and others not on Saturday and Sunday.

We are truly sorry for the chaos that came with the blaze mask mandate and the response of the venue, and of course, had better plans awaiting you. We hope you will consider all we do offer and place us on your schedule next season.

For now, those of you who have ordered apparel, we are making calls daily to update you on the next steps. For those in our local area, your orders can be picked up at Blaze. For those who are from an area outside of Appleton, we will be working with your Director to ship one big package to him/her to distribute to you locally.

For those who registered but did not get to compete, you will be receiving a full refund. We are reviewing each team in detail as some received 3 of 4 games. We will take care of you too.

If you paid by check, you will receive a refund by check. But not everyone included their Club address during registration. If you paid by check, please email your address where refunds should be sent.

If you paid via Basketball Exposure through PayPal, you will receive your refund through PayPal.

If you paid via Venmo, we will send you your refund back by Venmo.

All refunds will be processed by the end of next week, August 14, 2020.

Please understand it will take this long to get through everyone because there were literally 200 teams and it takes time to go through each team carefully.

We are also working through adding up All Star / All Tourney teams votes and will post those next week as well on social media. [Note: individual graphics will be posted of Recruit Wisconsin All Stars, as well as HH All Stars for your use on your recruiting journey].

All the Live Stream videos can be found on downloaded for your use.

If you have any questions regarding Hardwood Hustle, please direct them to

Our staff at Blaze hopes all continues to be well and safe with you through the end of the season and school year.

Thank you for your patience in this season and for your passion of sport!

Lisa Van Wyk and Jayne Lang
Blaze Sports & Fitness
Wisconsin Blaze

8/5/2020 1:03 PM

Hello All,

We had a team who needed to back out at the 16u Boys Elite level.

Please reach out to me at 920-450-1004 if you can find a team or fill this team slot yourself. The games will be on Sunday 2:25pm, 4:15pm, and 6:05pm, all at the Champion Center, Appleton, WI

We can adjust matchups, based on the strength of the team we get.

Lisa Van Wyk

7/30/2020 4:53 PM

Hello HH Participants,

Two major notes:

1. We have decided to move the Coach Check-in table to the front of the CFCC to make it easier on coaches to pick up and hand out parent wristbands. An updated venue picture is attached.

2. For those whose 1st game is at The Barn (Lake Park Sports zone), we will have the 2 coaches and 1 scorekeeper wrist bands at the Barn for you to get in.

All spectator bands for your games at the Champ Center will need to be picked up at the coach check in table when you get to CFCC.

We have reasons for the madness! :)
Thank you for adjusting where needed.



7/30/2020 4:00 PM

Hello Awesome Hardwood Hustle Families.

We just heard, like you, a few minutes ago about the Evers "mask mandate."

Our team will be sitting down this afternoon to review this press release, discuss the topic, and get back to you on any updates that will impact or not impact our event.

We have been all over it since COVID became a topic.

You can review our Wisconsin SMART Start plan to know we will take care of the necessities, always putting the health of our families and athletes at the forefront, while also being rational.

Once we have details for you. We will email.

Thank you.
Lisa Van Wyk

7/30/2020 2:18 PM

Hello Hardwood Hustle Participants,

Thank you for your patience as we push out a ton of information to you for your upcoming event his weekend in Appleton, WI at the Community First Champion Center and The Barn (formerly Lake Park Sports Zone).

We just released an email that can also be read online at

All the details can also be found on our main Blaze Hardwood Hustle web page at

Please continue to keep an eye on the schedule for any last minute updates tweaks. If we change any divisions/teams, we will notify you.

All 14u - 17u (2024 grad class to 2021 grad class) your Club Coaches MUST UPDATE THEIR ROSTERS in the Basketball Exposure registration page by Thursday, July 30, 2:00pm in order for athletes to receive a FREE Sports Recruits Profile and for College Coaches to find you during the tournament.

Parents, please make sure to ask your coaches if they have updated this information in the system. If they haven't, please help them as it will be your athletes that are left out. This information will be transferred to all the college coaches who are watching. This step will give your child FREE access to Sports Recruits for one month and provides college coaches with a binder of all you/your athlete's contact and basketball information needed to help your athlete's college recruiting move forward.

We will push out even more detailed information tomorrow regarding wristband colors etc.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Coach Lisa Van Wyk
Blaze Sports & Fitness
Wisconsin Blaze

7/29/2020 6:06 PM

Hello Hardwood Hustle Participants.

We apologize for the late publish of the schedule.

Here is the link to the divisions and your team schedules. You can search by team name as well.

Thank you to Kara Noll of Team Wisconsin for all her work and effort to support the Blaze and create an amazing schedule to meet all the requests the over 200 teams have asked for. We could not do this without her!

Blaze Sports & Fitness always sets our goal to release schedules at least one week prior to our events. This year has been very different with scheduling and late additions as we take on teams past registration deadlines, helping them conquer other competitions that have cancelled because of COVID, teams needing to back out last minute because of COVID, and low numbers on teams, and yes as we all know - because of COVID!

We will explain WHY this will be the next best most confident event you will attend!

Hardwood Hustle WILL STILL be a FANTASTIC EVENT in its fourth year because of the collaboration of all Basketball Directors across the state this spring and summer. We banded together through the trials that COVID brought to our doors, created the Wisconsin Sports Coalition and theWisconsin SMART Startplan that made its way across the state, to school superintendents, and to the hands of Governor Evers. We pivoted wisely and chose to move forward with a safe, effective, and strategic plan, based on the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, to keep sports and youth activities moving forward. And we did it. We showed IT IS POSSIBLE! This is why we at Blaze, we can say we can provide you with a safe, effective, and high profile event in Hardwood Hustle this summer! We have a competitive event you CAN be confident in.

We are very thankful that the Community First Champion Center and The Barn (Lake Park Sport Zone) opened their doors for us. Without the owners, directors, Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau, the community, and the Department of Health, we could not provide this opportunity to our athletes to experience amazing competition and exposure [to college coaches].

We are more than fortunate that at the end of the day there are about 200 teams scheduled to compete this weekend between Friday and Sunday! With restrictions of course (explained in next email) that still meets community expectations for social distancing and other safety measures. CFCC has been doing a remarkable job keeping everyone safe and healthy all summer with no issues through the daily use of the facility for practices as well as tournaments throughout the week and weekend.

On a Side Note: as we interacted with each team and the Directors throughout the scheduling process, we've found that some people didn't realize that RSK Sports and Wisconsin Blizzard joined with Wisconsin Blaze this year because of the limited number of facilities in the area.

The Blaze is presenting Hardwood Hustle is in it's fourth year, running this annual event that typically hosts 100 teams each year. When RSK Sports and Blizzard reached out that some doors had shut down to them because of COVID, Blaze was more than welcoming to make sure everyone had a place to play this year! This is always about the athletes, and we are thankful for the teams that are now combined in a first ever experience between the hosts Blaze and Blizzard. This is a great collaboration.

Thank you Rich Kuranda, RSK Sports, and the Wisconsin Blizzard for your collaboration to bring this event to everyone this summer!

We will be releasing our welcome / tournament details in our next email - tomorrow (which is today) :)

Thank you so much for your patience!

From our Blaze and RSK/Blizzard team, we look forward to this exciting event in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin!

Lisa Van Wyk
Blaze Sports & Fitness
Wisconsin Blaze

7/29/2020 12:05 AM

Good evening! Just a reminder: the online store for the 2020 Wisconsin Hardwood Hustle is now OPEN!

Order at:

Apparel will NOT be available for sale at the venue.
Order Tournament T-Shirts & Sweatshirts through our Shirts & Giggles vendor.
Orders are due by WEDNESDAY, July 29th.

Orders placed by Wednesday, July 29th will be available for pick up at the Community First Champion Center during your event.
We will have all orders packaged, labeled, and separated for coaches to pickup at the event.
*Customize your shirt or sweatshirt with your name on the back and/or number on the sleeve.

Hardwood Hustle Staff

7/28/2020 9:09 PM

Hello Hardwood Hustle teams,

Due to an unforseen and unfortunate situation with a program needing to back out, we had to go back to the beginning to reschedule our games across more than 10 division on Saturday, which impacts all of the tournament.

This has kept us from being able to get you the schedule tonight as promised.

We truly apologize and are continuing to work through the evening to adjust and finalize the schedule by tomorrow.

It's more unfortunate for these teams having to back out last minute, and do wish them well.

Please be patient with us as we work through this process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have to schedule any flight arrangments, please reach out to me direct at so I can see what I can do for you right away in the morning.

Thank you all for your patience.
Lisa Van Wyk

7/27/2020 11:13 PM

Good morning! Our online store for the 2020 Wisconsin Hardwood Hustle is now OPEN!

Order at:

Apparel will NOT be available for sale at the venue.
Order Tournament T-Shirts & Sweatshirts through our Shirts & Giggles vendor.
Orders are due by WEDNESDAY, July 29th.

Orders placed by Wednesday, July 29th will be available for pick up at the Community First Champion Center during your event.
We will have all orders packaged, labeled, and separated for coaches to pickup at the event.
*Customize your shirt or sweatshirt with your name on the back and/or number on the sleeve.

Hardwood Hustle Staff


7/27/2020 12:04 PM

Hello Hardwood Hustle Participants!

Blaze Sports and Fitness and Wisconsin Blaze (in concert with WI Blizzard and RSK for this year) are excited to provide the fourth year of our annual Hardwood Hustle tournament to you.

Thank you for participating!

We will be releasing our schedule very late this evening.

We have honored many late team additions, restrictions, etc up to this point. Unless a Division needs a team we will not be changing the schedule once it is released.

We will no longer accept any more scheduling adds, changes, or requests at this time. Once the schedule is released we will not attend to any schedule adds, changes, or requests.

From the beginning of summer we have had the tentative schedule posted for girls and boys on our main web page under the "Schedule" Tab.

Because of the number of teams registered we will be using two venues: 8 courts at Community First Champion Center and 3 courts at The Barn (formerly Lake Park Sport Zone).

Bevause of the number of teams registered, we do not have flexibility in the venues and with our time restrictions to make adjustments You will need to on your end if it warrants

Please review our Hardwood Hustle web page for more details including Hotel options. If you need additional help with hotels, there is a contact listed from our hotel partner Site Search that can

It is mandatory that all rosters for 8th grade (2024) and older teams (2023, 2022, and 2021) must be updated in the system by 8pm this evening so we can provide athletes and college coaches the Sports Recruits platform and Event Beacon during our event .

Please do not send any tournament questions today. It will only slow is down :) We will be releasing detailed information regarding wristbands, live streaming, rosters, sports recruits, apparel, admissions, security and safety, etc throughout the day.

Thank you for your patience.

We look forward to serving you this season and making this the next best event for you, your families, and your athletes!

Lisa Van Wyk
Blaze Sports and Fitness
Wisconsin Blaze

7/27/2020 10:11 AM

The following venues are being used for this event.


Blaze (BLZ)
230 S. McCarthy Rd.
Appleton, WI, 54914
1 (1), North Court (NC), South Court (SC)

Community First Champion Center

Community First Champion Center
Community First Champion Center (CFCC)
5000 W Champion Dr
Appleton, WI, 54913
1 (1), 2 (2), 3 (3), 4 (4), 5 (5), 6 (6), 7 (7), 8 (8)

The Barn (Lake Park Sport Zone)

The Barn (Lake Park Sport Zone)
The Barn (Lake Park Sport Zone) (TBLP)
N8770 Lake Park Rd,
Menasha, WI, 54952
1 (1), 2 (2), 3 (3)

All event related questions should be directed to Lisa Van Wyk at or call 920-750-5183.