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YDA Winter Season Teams

January 25 - March 7, 2020 Gilbert, Arizona


Coaches -

We are excited to kick the Winter 2 Season off this Saturday (for most of you).

Just want to send some reminders heading into games.

Make sure your coaches know the game rules. Link:

The agenda with the information we covered is attached. Most of you have it - if you recently registered your team, please take a look at it.

The top team listed on the schedule is the away team and wears dark uniform (if possible - if the listed-away team only has light unform, the other team can go light).

We are looking forward to a fun day of hoops this Saturday!

1/23/2020 9:45 AM

Coaches - the game schedule for January 25th & February 1st is up. Please note that there can be changes made. You will be given an alert if there are changes.

Looking forward to a great start to the league on Saturday!

Thanks -

Todd Fazio

1/21/2020 4:30 PM

Coaches -

Attached is the Coaches Meeting agenda that we went over today. Ifyou were not at the meeting, please take a look it over as there are some minor modifications from past seasons.

Thanks -
Todd Fazio

1/20/2020 8:55 PM

The following teams are officially participating in the YDA Winter Season.
Please note however, some participating teams may not be present yet. Click on the team to view more details.

To receive updates for a participant navigate to the participants profile and follow instructions under notifications.

3/4th Division Central

3/4th Grade Division East Valley

5/6 2nd Division Central

5/6 2nd Division Northwest Valley

5/6th 1st Division Central

5/6th 1st Division Northwest Valley

5/6th Grade 2nd Division East Valley

6th 1st Division East Valley

7/8th 1st Division Northwest Valley

7/8th 2nd Division East Valley

7/8th 2nd Division Northwest Valley

7/8th Division Central

7/8th Grade Girls

8th 1st Division East Valley

All event related questions should be directed to Todd Fazio at

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