WSC presents

Recruit Wisconsin Schedule

July 20-22, 2020
Appleton, Wisconsin



As of right now, we will not have Live Streaming for the many college coaches who are expecting it.

Why you ask?

The RW Staff has pushed out and asked for volunteers 5 different times now from all clubs, however no one is signing up for the Tuesday and Wednesday time slots. If we do not have volunteers, we will not be running live streams at those courts for your kids. We are a very small RW crew.

We have removed paying workers (what would transfer over to you as an admission fee) to provide as much service to you during what is a rough year for many people. BUT in order to remove that fee, we needed to ask for donations.

We are asking for two kinds of giving. Donation to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in lieu of admission - there will be a money bag / box for you to donate at the spectator and coaches table, or you can donate online at

The other kind of giving is an in-kind donation of your time. Please volunteer here ASAP

If you need to split up times with other people, we are okay with that - but we just need the slots filled.

The live streaming is simple - just like any recording using an ipad and tripod. We need people to stand behind an ipad and turn it left to right from an angle at half court - which is best for college coaches to view your athletes. Scores are tracked by an app we download onto your phone.

We chose to ask you kindly to volunteer instead of charging admission to help everyone during this 2020 year.

We have many college coaches who have not been able to attend in person. This is for them too! The next best thing and truly ONLY OPTION for them this summer is for us to band together and come alongside our athletes and do all we can for our kids and our college coaches. We are living out our opportunity right now. Let's take advantage of it!

We are using what is probably one of the best quality live streaming platforms we have come across this summer. Let's not waste this opportunity for you and your athletes to gain an advantage this summer.

Please consider being part of our Recruit Wisconsin Staff for a short time to make this the best possible event yet!

Please donate
Please serve

If you choose to serve - please register on the signup genius link or let your RW staff know at check-in time.

Coach Lisa Van Wyk
Wisconsin Blaze

7/21/2020 12:41 AM

Hello Recruit Wisconsin Participants,

Our team just emailed a ton of details with every link you need, and answers to every question you may have.

You can find that email here

All Athlete Sport Recruit Profiles should be updated by now.
Electronic Waivers are mandatory for ALL Participants and is due by Sun, July 18, 2020 at 5pm
Club and College Coaches, Media, and Volunteers MUST sign electronic waivers.
Coaches must also RSVP (found within waiver) for the special networking event on Tuesday evening.

Thank you.
RW Staff

7/18/2020 10:02 PM

I probably should have is a Girls Division

We are in need of a team to play 3 games on Monday:

It can be in the following age/grad level:

15U (2023) Level 2

14U (2024) Level 1 or Level 2

13U (2025)Level 1

Games will be either:
12 pm , 2 pm, 4 pm
1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm

Please email if you are interested.

Thank you!
Kara Noll
Team Wisconsin
Recruit Wisconsin Scheduler

7/18/2020 5:53 PM

We are in need of a team to play 3 games on Monday:

It can be in the following age/grad level:

15U (2023) Level 2

14U (2024) Level 1 or Level 2

13U (2025)Level 1

Games will be either:
12 pm , 2 pm, 4 pm
1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm

Please email if you are interested.

Thank you!
Kara Noll
Team Wisconsin
Recruit Wisconsin Scheduler

7/18/2020 5:51 PM


Just a head's up that we tweaked the Waiver slightly to make it flow better for everyone. If you already filled it out, you are good. If for some reason, you had a little trouble, you should be good to go now.

Directors please make sure you pass this message to your families.

In addition, we did have one team who had to back out of the tournament due to a team conflict, the schedule may change slightly. Please keep an eye on the schedule all the way through Sunday because as you may have already experienced, this season everything is Subject to Change.

If there are any major changes this weekend for teams, we will focus on notifying just those teams / divisions who are impacted.

We will be sending another detailed message out answering some typical questions we have been fielding regarding numbers of wristbands per team.

In addition, we will also be including docs that display the venue layout, and where check in and entrances will be located.

Thank you.
Lisa Van Wyk
RW Staff

7/17/2020 1:11 PM

Hello RW Participants!

You should have received an RW WELCOME EMAIL with all the details about the tournament. We also inclluded the Rules and Mitigation Strategies for your convenience.

We look forward to serving you well and making this a memorable and rewarding experience.

Please send any questions to

Have a great weekend!

Your Recruit Wisconsin Staff,
Mary Nellen - 1on1 Milwaukee
Kara Noll - Team Wisconsin
Lisa Van Wyk - WI Blaze
Todd Bierowski - WI Legends


7/17/2020 5:18 AM

Hello Recruit Wisconsin Teams,

We've heard from some teams who have conficts with the schedule we initially had showing today and are currently re-scheduling.

Please wait for a second draft of the schedule which will be posted by early morning. We will let you know when it the second draft is final.

Right now during scheduling, we pull teams off the grid so they may not even show up on your end of things. No worries. You are entered.

You can also track updates on your mobile device by downloading the Blaze Events app.

Our home page is currently being finalized with all the latest details.

An email is still pending push this evening...with about 100 pieces of info on it :)

Wonderful reading for a Friday!

Have a great night.
Lisa Van Wyk and the RW Staff

7/16/2020 10:26 PM

Hello RW Participants.

All details for the tournament will be released and emailed out this evening.

If you are looking for details that have been posted to date, you can always go to our main tournament page at

All items are subject to change until the final release of information this evening.

Please be patient, we will be with you shortly :)

Athletes will be receiving information from Sports Recruits today. Please make sure to start updating and adding more profile information into your SR account that we may not have asked your Club Director / Coach at the time of registration.

We will send a LOT of information out at one time this evening.

We are excited to present this tournament and all the amazing opportunities you will receive from particicpating, but appreciate your patience today.

Until this evening, have an awesome day!

Thank you.
Lisa Van Wyk and the RW Team

7/16/2020 12:30 PM

Hello Recruit Wisconsin Teams!

We are excited to provide an excellent opportunity for you to compete at a high level next week.

Please expect first round of scheduling announcements to come out on Thursday. We have some late registrants and will be working carefully the next couple of days for you.

You will be receiving a number of emails throughout the week, but because of our short deadline, we needed to push this Apparel announcement out tonight.

Due to the venue restrictions we cannot have a t-shirt vendor onsite. We are providing online orders but they are due Wednesday, July 15th. PLEASE pass this message to your families ASAP!

The apparel order site can be found at the link below and we will have all the gear packaged, labeled, and separated out for teams at check-in.

There are various color options for each apparel, so make sure you click through to see what's available to you!

Thank you!
Your Recruit Wisconsin Team

7/13/2020 10:38 PM

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