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NCYTA Schedule

December 6 - February 7, 2021
Avon, Ohio


Coaches/Parents, We are hosting our annual 3on3 Presidents day tournament on February 15. We just had 70 boys/girls teams from all over Northeast Ohio and we are anticipating another great turnout. Please register on Flyer is attached!


1/22/2021 9:49 PM

Coaches/Parents, The week 4 schedule is posted. Please Continue to check for updates thru out the week.

12/29/2020 10:51 PM

1 week until our presidents day 3on3 tournament! register on


2/8/2021 9:23 AM

5th Boys Berea A Division win tonight by forfeit.

1/30/2021 1:10 PM

Parents/Coaches, we are 20 days out to what will surely be the biggest 3on3 Event in Northeast Ohio. We will behaving certified officals again.


1/26/2021 9:50 PM

Parents/Coaches, there are a couple small changes. Please take a look at your schedule. Also the playoff schedule will be up tonight.

1/15/2021 10:44 PM

Parents/Coaches, tomorrow is the last day to register for Mondays 3on3.


1/14/2021 9:07 PM

Parents/Coaches, the rest of the NCYTA league schedule is posted, as usual Im sure there will be updates. Please continue to check for updates. Some Division playoffs will Start the weekend of January 29. Please Keep an eye out for the brackets in the coming weeks.

1/13/2021 1:20 AM

Parents/Coaches, Friday is the cutoff for the 3on3. Please register on


1/12/2021 1:47 PM

Coaches and Parents, please get your 3on3 teams registered for the MLK 3on3 Tournament in Avon.


1/8/2021 6:25 PM

Please check for updates to the schedule

1/7/2021 8:53 PM

Parents/Coaches, the week 5 schedule is now posted. Friendly reminder to always check back for updates.

1/5/2021 1:45 PM

Coaches/Parents, the schedule for week 5 will be out tomorrow. Please contine to check for updateds.

1/4/2021 7:21 PM

Parents and coaches, there has been some last minute changes to the 5th Grade B Boys division. The Westside Eagles are not playing. We adjusted the schedule.

1/2/2021 10:32 AM

Happy New Years, schedule has been updated. Please check your games.

1/1/2021 12:00 PM

Parents/coachs, we will be posting the week 4 Schedule Tuesday Night Late.

Happy Holidays!

12/26/2020 10:41 PM

Coaches/Parents, there are no games the weekend of December 26-27. The Westlake Holiday Hoopla will be going on. We will resume league games January 2-3.


12/20/2020 9:59 PM

Parents, please check for an update, Olmsted Falls Gold is out for tomorrow. Parma and North Olmsted will now play eachother. Instead of both of them playing Olmsted Falls.

12/19/2020 11:18 PM

Everyone, please check your schedule as there were some updates today. Continue to check tomorrow too.

12/17/2020 6:58 PM

Parents/Coaches, week 3 is posted!

12/16/2020 2:16 PM

Parents/Coaches, the week 3 schedule will post Late Tuesday night or early Wedneday Morning.

12/14/2020 10:39 PM

Coaches/Parents, please plan on entering around the back of Cedar Point Sportscenter. There is a wrestling event in the front of the facility.

12/11/2020 9:31 PM

coaches-Parents please check your schedule.

12/10/2020 6:52 PM

Parents the week 2 schedule is out. Please Keep an eye on it for updates throughout the week.

12/9/2020 4:34 PM

NCYTA, the week 2 schedule will be out late Tuesday night.

12/7/2020 8:41 PM

Coaches/Parents, on the app, if you click on the "more" tab on the bottom of the NCYTA home page on. You will find spectator capacity and Covid Protocols.

12/5/2020 10:42 AM

Coaches and Parents, please check your schedule, there have been quite a few game time changes. We really appreciate all of your flexibility so far as we make sure these kids have an opportunity to play!!!

12/4/2020 9:11 PM

Parents and coaches of 3rd grade teams. Please check your schedule for tomorrow and sunday as we had to make some last minute changes.

12/4/2020 8:11 PM

Coaches/Parents, small update made, please check your schedules.

12/3/2020 9:08 PM

Parents, the schedule changed today. Please make sure to check and continue to check your schedules.

12/2/2020 4:45 PM

The Week 1 Schedule is posted

11/30/2020 11:40 PM

Teams list are up

11/27/2020 1:08 AM

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