Insider Exposure presents

IE Summer Madness

July 10-12, 2022
Indianapolis, Indiana


We had to make a few opponenent and court switches. Please confirm your games via the app

7/12/2022 12:32 PM

We had to make a slight change, please double check your schedule

7/12/2022 10:32 AM

Kevin M Hannon, we have your wallet at Pike High School

7/12/2022 9:40 AM

Unless we have contacted you directly, all games will be played today. Any game that shows "0-0" does not mean it is a forfeit.

7/12/2022 8:11 AM

Please make sure you double check your schedule since we had a number of teams drop out...

7/11/2022 11:43 PM

Coaches if you do not plan on playing tomorrow please let us know TODAY by 8PM.

7/11/2022 3:34 PM

Coaches please double check your schedules. We had to make some changes to the 14u bracket & a few games this evening had a time change

7/11/2022 1:58 PM

Any 15u team want to play an extra game at 12:50?

Text me - 904-463-1750

7/11/2022 11:44 AM

Game is filled!

7/11/2022 11:17 AM

Does any 17u team want to play an extra game today at 5:30PM Court 4 @ Pike High School?

First team to get back to us gets it!

7/11/2022 11:09 AM


The home team is listed on the bottom on both the App and the website. Teams please be prepared to wear EITHER uniform as we are early in the season and some teams may only have 1 uniform or even potentially are improvising this weekend. Home team is responsible for the official book.

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Girls: 12th-3rd
  • Adult: Women
  • $450.00 entry fee
  • Exposure Certified


Indianapolis, IN


John McGraw


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General Information

Spectator Tickets are $25/day or $65 for the event and can be purchased either at the door or ahead of time - tickets can be purchased -

Schedule Requests can be made for a $50 fee. Ask us for an invoice if you would like any requests.

College Coaches: Here is the link for the College Coach Packet
College Coaches Packet

The NCAA basketball certification website and FAQ page: &

The USA Basketball Gold License link:

The Basketball Certification System (BBCS) link: (

Insider Exposure Grassroots Tournament Rules 
The venue will be open to fans and participants 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled game time of each day of competition. DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE FIRST GAME TIME EACH DAY!!
Each team is expected to arrive a minimum of 1 hour before their game time. (Unless you are playing in the first game of the day) - COVID Update - Arrive 30 minutes prior to your game and be prepared to wait outside the facility
The home team is responsible for providing the official book
Teams will be allowed a MAX of 2 coaches per team. Coaches MUST check in prior to their first game at the site of their first game.  Coaches will be required to Print and Sign for their band.  Bands must be worn at all times. 
Games will consist of 2 sixteen (16) minute stopped time halves.  (Grades 7th - 12) (6th Grade & Younger 14 Minute Halves.
Each team will be given three (3) :45 second timeouts 
Halftime will be 2 minutes
Player Fouls - Each player will be allowed 6 fouls before disqualification from the game.
Team Fouls - Teams will shoot Two (2) Free Throws on the 10th team foul of each half.
On a technical foul
There will be a 1 shot and the game will resume at the previous point of interruption. 
Overtime will be 2 minutes, if a 2nd OT is needed, the first team team to score two points (in any matter) will be declared the winner.
Tie Breakers will be done a head to head basis.  If there is a 3 way tie we will use point differential up to +/- 15 points.
Mercy Rule Conditions
At anytime if the score reaches the deficit below the clock will be running until the score has been cut to less than 10 points.
30 Points at any point in the game
20 points under 10 minutes in the 2nd half
Advancing the Ball Under 1 Minute to Play
A team which uses their own timeout can advance the ball to half court with under a minute to go at any point they have possession of the ball in the backcourt.
All other NFHS rules will be in effect. Any rule clarifications should be consulted to the event director before tip off of the current game. Any rules which are in effect during a game will be at the discretion of the officials for that particular game. There will be a 5 second closely guarded, no shot clock, and 10 second backcourt in all games.
Elam Ending maybe used for select games at the discretion of both the Event Director and both team coaches.  
The event operator and tournament staff have the final say on all rulings regarding tournament rules. Coaches are responsible for their team and parents behavior and will be asked to handle sportsmanship issues accordingly. 
We do not offer refunds within 30 days of an event.

Please Read the Fighting Policies with Insider Exposure

The police will be contacted and encouraged to press charges against any individual who engages in fighting. 
The individuals fighting will be ejected from the gym and will not be allowed to return to the event. 
The teams involved in fighting will be forfeiting that game and it will count as a double loss. At the moment of the fight the game immediately ends. 
Any second altercation with a team will result in removal from the tournament without refund. 
The Tournament Director reserves the right to review all situations individually.

NCAA Certified

Verify that this event is NCAA certified by visiting certified basketball events and summer leagues on the NCAA website.

All teams participating at an NCAA certified event must register online prior to reporting to participate in the event. Failure to register and submit all required information will result in a team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events. Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated.

All individuals who are involved in coaching activities at a NCAA certified event must renew their USA Basketball Coach License and be approved by the NCAA prior to participation in the event. This must be completed in order to sit on a bench at any NCAA certified event.

All event related questions should be directed to John McGraw at or call 646-773-5699.