Oregon Amateur Basketball presents

Energy Hoops Classic

January 15-16, 2022
Redmond, Oregon


Greeting Energy Hoops Classic Competitiors,

We hope everyone had a fun, growth filled day of hoops!


1. Make sure to double and triple check your schedules tomorrow morning and throughout the day. We had a game or two that we had to move due to travel time between gyms which means some teams have new game times tomorrow! ***All teams are guaranteed four games and some divisions result in a 5th game.***

2. The apparel printing booth will be at Redmond High all day tomorrow for those who want to purachase tourney gear.

3. Championship teams, please report to Redmond High and see tourney director, Samantha Ure to get your swag and picture taken.

Best of luck on Championship Sunday!


The Energy Hoops Classic Team

1/15/2022 9:26 PM

Dear Energy Hoops Classic Competitors,

Due to some teams being unable to honor their commitment to play in the tournament, we have had to rework almost the entire tournament. This means many of you were impacted. PLEASE refresh your App and check the new schedule.

We cannot emphsaize enough how disruptive it is when a team cancels after the schedule is made. We have done our best to make the most out of it. We still have plenty of teams in every division. THANK YOU to all of you who have found a way to stick by your commitment to play this weekend. We are committed to making this tournament happen at a high level for all of you despite the challenges some out there are trying to pose.

For the Love of Kids and the Game! See you on the court tomorrow!


The Energy Hoops Classic Team

1/14/2022 3:10 PM

Coaches & Parents,

Please ignore the previous e-mail. That message was meant to be sent to coaches in the MLK Classic in Salem.


1/13/2022 6:41 PM

Coaches & Parents,

Dallas School District has closed their facility and that includes all weekend activities. All of those games have been moved to the PAC in Salem.

If you were scheduled at Dallas HS, please note this change.

Thank you,

1/13/2022 6:40 PM

Good Afternoon Energy Hoops Classic Coaches,

This is a friendly reminder to enter your name and the name of your assistant in this form so they can get free entrance to the tournament.



The Energy Hoops Classic Team

1/13/2022 2:01 PM

***Coaches - The Home and Away designations have been updated on the rules sheet to match what you see in the schedule printouts. See attached.***


1/11/2022 9:55 PM

Greetings EHC Coaches!

The schedule is now posted. We did our best to accomodate some reasonable requests from many teams. *Please note some divisions only have one game showing for Saturday, but there will be a second game that day, which is predicated on how your team does in in the first game.

You can access the schedule via the OAB App right now. It will also be posted at oabbasketball.com tomorrow morning.

- Each team gets two coaches and their spouses in for free, but we need you to pre-list them by filling out this Google form with names of each individual. https://forms.gle/MhjoDPCBVU9QcUsZ9

- Covid protocols are OHA and Redmond School District regulations. They are, spectators wear masks. Players, Coaches and Officials do not have to wear a mask if they choose.

- Championship teams in each division need to report to Redmond High School fter they win to collect their Championship T-shirt, Custom Nike Cinch sack and get their picture taken. EVERY Division is set up to produce a true Champion. Some qualify through pool play and some through bracket play depending on the division and the number of teams.

- Players are allowed to play for only one team during the tournament UNLESS cleared with tournament Director Sam Ure. Sam's number is 907-232-7007. Enter it in your phones now as all questions need to be directed to Sam throughout the weekend.

- Gold and Silver Divisions - We accomoadated division requests whereever possible. It was not possible in all divisions.

- Tournament rules are attached to this email and are also available in the OAB App.

- Coaches - Please manage your parents. Any parent, player or coach who is removed from a game will not be allowed back at any point throughout the weekend. BE RESPECTFUL to the officials, without them, there is no game!

- Hot Tees will have a booth at both the Redmond High and Obsidian sites throughout the weekend where your players and families can purchase custom tournament gear.

- Spectators can pay with cash or card at each venue entrance.

We take a lot of pride in running a first class event. We want every team to have a great experience, win or lose. Let's make it a great weekend of hoops!


The Energy Hoops Classic Team


1/11/2022 9:24 PM

Good Afternoon Energy Hoops Classic Competitors,

We are writing to let you know that the schdule is currently delayed because we are adding teams! HoopSource cancelled their tournament in Portland this weekend and we have room to add teams so we are currently allowing teams to register until later this afternoon.

If you know a team that wants in, now is the time! We have a lot of exciting additions coming in right now and are lookign forward to a great tournament!


Sam and Dusty
Energy Hoop Club


1/11/2022 3:02 PM


The list of teams and divisions participating this weekend is now available on the Oregon Amateur Basketball website: http://oabbasketball.com/weekend-game-schedule/

Please make sure you are slotted in the correct division. If you believe you have been slotted in the wrong division or wish to request a different division, you must e-mail me tonight: contact@energyhoopclub.com

TOURNAMENT RULES - This is not an Oregon Amateur Basketball event. We have our own set of rules. These can be found on our website: https://www.energyhoopclub.com/Default.aspx?tabid=2438854

- We have contracted Oregon Amateur Basketball to do the schedule. Schedules will be posted to their website: http://www.oabbasketball.com Tuesday night by 10 pm.

VENUES - All games will be played in Redmond

WITHDRAWL FROM TOURNAMENT - If you need to withdraw from the tournament for any reason (including COVID-related), this must be done by 12 pm Tuesday. There will be no refunds for teams that withdraw after this time even if it's COVID-related.

Thank you for your support of The Energy Hoops Classic. We look forward to hosting you this weekend.

-Sam Ure & Dusty Porter
Tournament Directors

1/10/2022 8:40 PM

Greetings Energy Hoops Classic Competitors,

We are just a week and a half away from tip off at the annual Energy Hoops Classic. We are excited to welcome you and your teams to what will be a fun and competitive weekend of hoops. Despite a shortage of officials across the region, we have worked hard to connect with our local and regional associations to ensure all games are covered adequately. Please remind your parents, players and coaches that without officials, there is no game so treating them with respect and appreciation is paramount to the continuance of opportunities for the game we all love.

Registration closes at midnight, Friday, January 7th. Please reach out to any teams or programs you know who still may be interested. We are blessed with great court availability and have room to add teams despite a strong turnout.


You can expect the tournament schedule to be posted by Tuesday the 11th. We have hired Nick Larsen of Oregon Amateur Basketball to do all of the tournament scheduling. You will be able to follow the tournament via the OAB App which can be found in the Apply and Android app stores.

Gold and silver divisions will be created whenever possible. If we do not have enough teams signed up for a gold or silver division, they will be combined. If you have a team that would like to play up a grade level, please let us know via email at energyhoopclub@gmail.com

Rules and Regulations:

Attached you will find the rules and regulations for tournament play as well as info about gate fees.


Covid regulations, per OHA and Redmond School District policies and regulations, players and coaches are not required to wear face coverings during game play or when on the court, but are off the court. Spectators are required to use face coverings at all times.

Other Info:

Championship teams will receive t-shirts and a Nike swag gift.

Game locations will all be in Redmond and gyms are no more than 10-15 minutes apart if you end up traveling between venues.

There is also a wrestling tournament in town the same weekend. We recommend making dining reservations early if you plan to eat out. Bend is also just a short drive South with many dining options. Here are a few great places to eat in Redmond:

Redmond Burger Company
Baldy's BBQ
General Duffy's - Food carts and Craft Brew with lots of Indoor and Outdoor Seating
Wild Ride Brewing - Food carts and Craft Brew with lots of Indoor and Outdoor Seating
Pappy's Pizza
Jersey Boys Pizza
Grace and Hammer Pizza
Kobold Brewing
Rimrock Taphouse
Oishi - Sushi
Thai O

More info to come as the schedule is released. We can't wait to host you and your teams and thank you for helping us make the tournament a great experience for all!


The Energy Hoops Classic Team


1/4/2022 3:50 PM


The Energy Hoops Classic is designed for competitive boys and girls basketball teams who want an exceptional tournament experience.

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls: 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th
  • Ability: Elite/Competitive/Developmental
  • $245.00-$275.00 entry fee
  • 4 game guarantee
  • Exposure Certified


Various Sites Map
Various Sites
Redmond, OR, 97756


Sam Ure


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General Information

Gold & Silver Divisions Available:

GOLD - The Gold Division is for advanced skill level teams who want to be challenged by playing against other teams with quality experience. 

SILVER - The Silver Division is for beginning to intermediate skill level teams who want to experience quality competition against other team with similar skills and experience

Tournament Highlights 

1. Outstanding Facilities
2. OSAA Certified Officials
3. Flexible Scheduling 
4. Awesome Team Building Activities
5. Custom Nike Tournament Apparel Printer on Site
6. Full OSAA/NFHS Regulations
7. Multiple discount entries available:  2-4 Entries: $260/entry.  5+ entries: $240/entry.  Registrations must come from the same program and must register the same day.  Discounts will be processed as refunds.

All event related questions should be directed to Sam Ure at contact@energyhoopclub.com or call 907-232-7007.