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December 1 - March 13, 2022
Southern, New Jersey


Coaches, (PLEASE READ Entire Message!)

It's been awesome being back on the court but we have had some concerns.

1. Eash team is responsible to Pay $50 to One of the Officials prior to the start of the game. If you do not have the money you will need to get it from some of your parents in the stands.
2. Our League By-Laws have been updated to include time for Halftime and Updated Score Submission instructions.
3. Halftime is 4 Minuted unless a game is running late then 2 Minutes will be used
4. Score Reporting
Both Teams are required to submit the score and their game sheets within 24 hour of their game time. Not just the winning team. We still have games not submitted from last weekend. While some teams keep a correct book, many of the score sheets are not. Single 1's for every point scored with no foul shot recording. Runnung scores blank. Not all last names or just 1st names listed to name a few items. 2 & 3's for baskets, Foul Shots are to be open circles and filled on if made.
If you did not submit your score and book from games played this past week. Please do that ASAP especially if your team lost.

If you have any questions or need help with Scorebook instructions, please let contact me.

Thanks Kirk Kessler

12/10/2021 9:22 AM

Posted in the Documents Section is each Towns Civid Restrictions. Check the Requirements. Some Towns are only allowing One or Two Spectators while others have no limits. At a minimum is that every Spectator MUST wear a Mask at all times while in the gyms. Best practice is to check day of the game for the latest info, it can change or at any time.

12/3/2021 2:58 PM

The following reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded.



1/22/2022 6:25 PM


12/13/2021 11:14 PM


ScoreKeeping Instructions

12/10/2021 8:34 AM

Game Score Submission

12/3/2021 12:58 PM

Covid Protocols by Town

12/3/2021 12:58 PM

Coach List

12/3/2021 12:57 PM



12/9/2021 4:26 PM

All event related questions should be directed to Kirk Kessler at or call (609)670-0879.