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SWOB - Spring League Schedule

March 20 - June 5, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio


We are going to start putting the spring league tourney schedule together this week. The teams will be seeded based on your record as of Thursday night. Please check to se what scores we are missing and email them to James at or Tom at

The tourney will held June 1 - 6 and teams are responsible for paying the refs..ALL TEAMS WILL BE PLACED IN THE TOURNEY UNLESS YOU INDICATE YOU DO NOT WANT TO PLAY IN IT. Schedules will be posted around May 24th. IF YOU HAVE ANY SCHEDULING ISSUES ON ANY OF THOSE DATES PLEASE EMAIL THIS TO US.

5/15/2022 9:13 PM

If anyone has games they want to make up even if it is against a different team than the original game please email James or Tom The open dates are Monday May 16 7:15 at Landmark and Tuesday May 17, 24, 31 all at 9:00 at Landmark.

Also we need a 4th grade boys team or a 5th grade lower boys team to play Monday May 16 8:10 at Landmark. Text Tom at 235-9007 if you can play this game.

5/15/2022 9:08 PM

I sent an email out last night about comfirming your game for Sunday. 11 out of 45 responded. IF YOU HAVE NOT CONFIRMED YOUR GAME FOR SUNDAY PLEASE DO SO ASAP. Thanks

5/4/2022 3:48 PM

Coaches can you please verify your team will be at your game this Sunday. Please email confirmation at and We understand it's Mother's Day but we also have workers and referees who will be scheduling their day around these games.

5/4/2022 1:50 AM

unfortunately I had to send out this email and it is not one I particularly happy to be sending out. We have had it in a normal amount of cancellations and no-shows, especially on Sundays. I understand things come up Annette players notify you at the last minute, but it is really inconveniencing the other teams, the host facilities, and the referees and their families. 118 cancels there are still the cost of the officials for their time, the facility costs for their workers, and then again the families that are inconvenienced on their evening away from possibly their family or their Sunday afternoons. The problem is several of the teams that have canceled on Sundays actually signed up for Sunday leagues. We need to do a better job of getting to our games or finding Subs for these games. If you cannot make a game get another team to play your game and then notify the league. At this point we would rather have a team from outside the league chilling that I have no one. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to email Tom Sunderman or to give him a call at 235-9007. Thanks

5/2/2022 4:47 PM

We just had a fifth grade boys team drop out of our Easter classic for tonight tomorrow. If anyone wants to spot it's already paid for. The games are 530 and 830 tonight at court for sports with bracket play tomorrow afternoon and evening. Please text Tom at 235-9007 if you were at the spot

4/15/2022 12:41 PM



4/9/2022 12:13 AM


We had sent an email to let you know we posted updated schedules on Thursday that were the final version of the schedule. The only changes will be made at this point wht direct conversation with the coaches.

We asked coaches to please email us at and Only 7 coaches have confirmed as of today. PLEASE DO SO ASAP.

At this point if you have a conflict find a team to take our place and notify the league who it is or contact James through his email. The game will not be made up but instead we will try to find a replacement. If yo have any questions email Tom Sunderman directly. Thanks

4/3/2022 5:07 PM


A new updated schedule was posted yesterday. We tried to work out all the issues that were at hand and replaced some teams in the league.


At this point if you have a scheduling issue email James at the above email address and we will see what we can do. There are no guarantees at this point. We will reach out to teams to fill in games teams can't make if we cannot change the schedule. If this happens the team cancelling may just end up with 8 or 9 games.

Lastly, make sure your parents know we are going to start having a shorter leash with parent behavior in the stands. Last year around the Midwest there were several incidents that occurred that put kids and other spectators in an unsafe situation. We will not tolerate it anymore in our league, as we want the kids to have a safe place to play the game they love.


3/31/2022 1:00 AM

Hi coaches, we have only had about 15-20 teams confirm they will be at their scheduled Spring League game tomorrow. If you have a game scheduled for the league tomorrow, March 27th, please email with your game time and location to confirm you will be there. Please do so as soon as possible so we can verify that there will not be any no-shows tomorrow

3/26/2022 1:07 PM

Hi coaches, the final first version of the schedule has been posted as of 8:00 PM tonight. This is still a tentative schedule and some changes will be made

If you have any conflicts with your games as of now, please email them to and by 12:00 PM Sunday Afternoon. All conflicts may not be able to be resolved, however, we will do our best to accommodate as many as possible

We will work on these conflicts and have a final version of the schedule posted by 5:00 PM Monday Evening

Games this Sunday:
If your team has a game this coming Sunday, March 27th, please email with your team name and game location to confirm your team will be at their scheduled game this weekend

3/25/2022 11:21 PM


A very very tentative schedule is posted. We are still adding games and making changes. We have had teams send in requests as late as today and 5 teams requests byes for this weekend in last 24 hours.

Also we have 6 teams who still owe fees and will not be placed on the schedule until they are paid. If tyou have a game without an opponent thats one of the teams. The game will be played but the opponenet may change.

Check back Friday at 8:00pn for final first version of the schedule.

3/25/2022 12:08 AM

Attached is an updated schedule for the first week. If you have game Wednesday or Thursday pease confirm you will be at your game at ALL GAMES ARE AT LANDMARK THIS WEEK

I need a 7th grade team to play vs All Ohio Red Thursday at 9:00 at Landmark. If you can play email us at

Schedules will be posted sometime Thursday!!!


3/22/2022 7:18 PM

Attached is the tentative schedule for the first week of the spring league. Please confirm your first game to

Several teams requested byes the frst week, so if you did not get a game and would like to play please email us also and we will get you one.

The remander of the schedule will be posted middle of next week.

If you have not paid your fees you will be removed from this schedule and the final schedule. Yo can pay thrm through Paypal at or Venmo them to @southwesternohiobasketball.


3/16/2022 11:51 PM


We are going to start working on the first week's schedule on Wednesday and hopefuly email it Wednesday night. If you need a bye email the first week email us at The complete schedule will be posted the middle or late part of next week.

Also if you have not paid your league fees you will not be placed on the schedule. If you have not paid your fees you can go on our website and pay through Paypal or you can Venmo us to @southwesternohiobasketball.

If you have any last minute schedule requests please send them to us this week to or

3/16/2022 12:43 AM

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