Oregon Amateur Basketball presents

2022 Valley Summer League Schedule

June 7-30, 2022
Salem, Oregon



I just sent invoice reminders to teams who still have an outstanding balance. As a reminder, these must be paid by check and not by credit card (the exception being if you paid by credit card and need to pay for the credit card processing fees, those can be paid with credit card).

The only fees charged for summer ball are for referees. Credit Card processing fees are not budgeted into costs.


6/13/2022 10:45 AM

Coaches & Parents

There has been a small change to the schedule tonight due to the OSAA 6A baseball championship game being moved. The only team impacted with a time change is North Salem. No other teams see a time change.

There are also opponent changes for June 21 to avoid Creswell & North Salem playing twice. No times changed on June 21.


6/7/2022 8:55 AM

Coaches & Families,

Summer League Schedules can be viewed here: https://basketball.exposureevents.com/185425/2022-valley-summer-league

Additionally, they are viewable on the Oregon Amateur Basketball app. I've sent this information off to the person that does my website. Schedules will also be posted to the website: http://www.oabbbasketball.com this week. Please make sure your parents have these links for schedules. This will save everyone some time.

FACILITY - This is the top bullet point because it is extremely important. Make sure your families, players and coaching staff have this information. The Capitol Field House is allowing the use of their facility for summer league and has closed outside rentals during the week to allow these games to happen. This is an outreach on their end to the High School basketball community. It is imperative that their staff and their facility is treated with respect at all times! It is much easier to have games in one location than to have to chase down gym space all summer!!!!! Please treat their facilities like you would treat your own if your administration was watching and there was no custodial.

RULES - Games will be 22-minute running clock halves. 3 timeouts per game. 2 minute halftime. The last 2 minutes of the 2nd half will convert to normal timing rules if the score is within 10. Clock only stops for timeouts in the first half. Only team fouls are kept. No personal fouls. All overtimes are 1 minute.

REFEREES - Robert Bowlin is assigning all referees. Please do not call us about referee shortages; call Robert....he's the one that will have the information. 503-508-2892

INVOICES - Everyone should have their invoice for summer league. Please submit that to your bookkeeper and verify that the check is sent out. Credit card payments will result in a second invoice for credit card processing fees. The only fees charged are for referees. There is no budget for credit card processing.

Checks must be sent to:

Oregon Amateur Basketball
PO Box 5331
Eugene, OR 97405

Hope everyone has a great summer. We look forward to hosting you!

-Nick Larsen, Steve Adams & Hemingway Huynh
(541) 517-4160 (Nick)
(503) 888-8346 (Steve)

6/1/2022 11:43 AM

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