RCS Sports presents

SUPER 16 Extravaganza Schedule

September 30 - October 2, 2022
Houston, Texas


The schedule has been modified. All FRIDAY games have switched locations (from DeKaney HS to Westfield HS). Action returns soley to DeKaney on Saturday and Sunday.

Please check and ensure your team has / hasn't been effected.

We need ROSTERS from the following teams:

Atascocita, Beaumont United, Beaumont Westbrook, Bellaire, Cy Falls, Dawson, DeKaney, Dickinson, Elkins, Houston Christian, Madison, Northshore, Pasadena Memorial, PSAT, Second Baptist, Shadow Creek, Summer Creek, Washington

Please check your email box or your junk box for the ROSTER LINK. If you have NOT received the described email, simply re

9/15/2022 9:09 PM


We just send you a ROSTER LINK . Check your EMAIL box. It could be sitting in your junk / trash box.

Please take out the time to input the requested team info (PLAYER NAME / HEIGHT / CLASS). The jersey numbers may be added at a later date.

This data will automatically update into the Rcs Sports app. Accurate rosters helps make the Super 16 a great experience for college coaches, media, and fans who may be viewing the live streams via BallerTV.

8/25/2022 12:42 PM

Congrats to the SUPER 16 Teams who are still standing in this tournament! For those who are schedule to play at 9am, please share the following info with your basketball family:

Doors will open at DeKaney HS for TEAMS at 8:20am

SPECTATORS will be admitted starting at 8:40am.

All players are expected to wear the same jersey number which matches the roster on the Rcs Sports' app.

Showcase Teams! Be sure to read the RULES and proceed to the TEAM CHECK In upon arrival. Remember to bring the team entry fee of $125 .


10/2/2022 12:43 AM

1. For all teams scheduled to play at 5:30, the doors will open for teams at 4:45, while spectators will be allowed inside - starting at 5:00.

2. Coaches! Be sure to check your rosters and ensure your jersey numbers are matching what is already printed on the scoresheets.

3. Rosters and Rules can be printed from www.RcsSports.com

4. Upon arrival proceed to the TEAM CHECK IN table.

5. Team fee of $225 is due upon arrive. Give the money to Team Check In table.

We are providing all score table personnel throughout the duration of this event.

Coaches, be mindful your games are being filmed. Therefore stay away from your team benches during the games.

Do NOT bring any fire arms or weapons onto Westfield or DeKaney campus. You will be jailed and prosecuted.

9/30/2022 12:15 PM

Team Entry fees are $225.

You may bring upon arrival or pay via CashApp $RcsSports

RULES are enclosed. Pay speciall attention to the revised OT rules


9/26/2022 10:49 AM

Please REPLY with the name of your EVENT COACH.

Plus, REPLY with the names of your assistant coach(es) who plan to be in attendance at the Super 16. Only those listed will be admitted through the team check in. All others will have to purchase a ticket.

All Rosters have been collected and are available for viewing on the Rcs Sports app.

9/21/2022 10:51 AM


If 2 teams are tied, the Head To Head rule will be applied.

If 3 or 4 teams tied, Point Differential will be applied. Point differential takes the total margin a team won or loss by limited by the Maximum Point Differential if set between all of that team's pool games.

2nd TIE BREAKER! IF NO TEAM IS DETERMINED, Points Allowed will be applied. The sum of final scores by the team's opponent in all games. Participants with a lower number are placed higher in the standings.

9/21/2022 10:44 AM

Click HERE >>> for Super 16 Extravaganza PRE SALE TICKETS . Feel free to share this message with your basketball family. Be advised, each school will get 4 coaches in FREE. Plus, all active HABCA members will be admitted at no charge. Those are the only passes we will be honoring at this event.

Meanwhile, if by chance you didn't receive the ROSTER LINK via email, simply reply to this message your personal email address so that we can attempt to forward the link to you.

8/31/2022 10:54 AM
Click on a division below or search for a team or athlete to view the schedule.

All event related questions should be directed to Jim Hicks at rcs@usa.com or call 713-539-1067.