Panhandle Basketball presents

6th Annual Big South Showcase @ Hoover Met Finley Center Documents

July 1-2, 2023
Hoover, Alabama


Good Morning Coaches!

If you have competed in a 2023 Panhandle Basketball Tournament and made it to the Championship game for your division, please send me your All American Game nominees for that particular event. If your team came in first for your division, please submit three players and if your team came in second for your division, please submit two players.Please include the following for each player and email to

Team Name:
Grade Division:
Parent's Email:
Parent's Phone Number:

Coach's Name:
Coach's Email:
Coach's Phone Number:
Player Jersey Size:

Notice!! The date for the All American Games in Panama City, Florida has changed to August 12 - 13, 2023. We are excited to announce that NBA trainer Ryan Goodson will be giving away two, (2) hour training sessions. Ryan has worked with Mac McClung, Steph Curry's Skills camp, Zach Levine and others. We are excited to add this FREE training session for participants of the All American games!

GOLDEN TICKET winners from the 2023 Panhandle Basketaball travel season will compete for the 2023 All-Star title! Who's ready for this premier showcase event?!? All Players receive a one-of-a-kind All American Game ring!!

Fees includes:
* Player's 3-Point Contest Entry
* All American Showcase Games for Each Division!
* Free Commemorative Jersey for Player to Keep
* Admission to "Friday Fun-Day"! (NOTE: All activities are weather-permitting)

We look forward to seeing the best of the best at the 2023 All American Games. Participants range from 2nd grade - Varsity. For questions please contact Brent Dillard 850-814-3281 or Chris Pfahl at SES (850-338-4578).

Please Submit ($50 Entry Fee) Payment to Confirm Entry:
Cashapp: $SEsports
Venmo: @BrentDillard40

7/6/2023 2:06 AM

Good Morning

Good luck to all teams today!

Thank you
Panhandle Basketball

7/2/2023 7:50 AM

Good Morning

From the Finley Center, "if bands are broken , torn, taped, or lost, spectators will have to buy a new band". The Finley center controls the gate, not Panhandle Basketball.

Thank you
Panhandle Basketball

7/2/2023 7:48 AM

High school rules with the exception of the following:


3rd-8th Grade & 8th-9th Girls - 18-minute halves

9th-11th Grade Boys and Girls - 18-minute halves

(Coaches: If at any time we fall behind schedule, we may adjust the clock rules)

Clock will stop only for shooting fouls (upon announcement by the officials), time-outs and the last TWO minutes of each half. Each team will get 5-timeouts per GAME (no carry overs). Overtime will be 2 minutes, with the clock stopping the last minute. Each team will be given only 1 timeout during overtime.

Clock will not stop at all if a team has a 25 point lead or greater!!!!

Tie Breakers: (If teams are tied after pool play or round robin play)

- 1st tie breaker is head-to-head play

- 2nd is point differential (if three or more teams are tied with the same record or teams have not played head to head, maximum of 15 points per game)

- 3rd is defensive points

- 4th is offensive points

- 5th is a coin flip

Game Ball Requirements:

- 5th grade and under boys will use a 28.5 ball

- 6th Grade and up will use a 29.5 ball

Additional Rules:

- ALL teams are required to have matching uniforms. Any player uniform NOT following the same color, style or lettering font as the other player's uniforms, will not be acceptable. Any player NOT following this rule will not be able to play in the tournament.

- Pool play will determine where you play for bracket play, not Panhandle Basketball. It is not the responsibility of Panhandle Basketball to change the schedule because you have multiple teams or coach multiple teams! There is a possibility that your teams may not play at the same venue and/or may play at the same time. It's your responsibility to make sure they are able to play!

- Home Teams (team listed first) WILL be responsible for keeping the Official Book!!!!

- The No Press Rule applies if a team has a 20 point lead. First offense for not following this rule is a warning, a team's second offense will result in receiving a technical. (Applies to all ages except High School)

Player Protest:

- A protest done prior to the game in question, will cost the normal fee of $100. A protest done after the game in question will cost a fee of $350.

* Once the fee is paid, the player verification process will begin and will be handled solely by the tournament director, or a staff member appointed by the tournament director. Coaches, spectators and players from opposing teams are not allowed to approach any player, coach or parent to discuss player eligibility! Doing so, may result in immediate removal from the tournament! The tournament director will have the final say. If the protest is won, $200 will be returned and the player(s) will be disqualified. All games played up to that point will be forfeited (see above rule). If the protest is lost, the $200 protest fee will be forfeited.


All players participating in the event must be on the team's roster. As long as the player is one the roster, a player is eligible to play at any time during the event (Provided they fit the age verification for that division). A player may play on multiple teams as long as they meet the age division requirements. A player may not play on multiple teams in the same division and may not exceed 5 games in one day.

Rosters must be submitted before the event starts. There are three ways to submit a roster.

1. National Sports ID (Which all teams should have)

2. Turn in a physical copy or an online copy before the event starts.

3. If neither 1 or 2 is not done, the roster will be the players entered on the 1st game's score sheet.


- Poor behavior and poor sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated! We expect COACHES, PLAYERS and SPECTATORS to be on their best behavior! We have put in place a ZERO tolerance altercation policy! Any teams, coaches or spectators who get in an altercation, whether it be on the court or on our property, will be removed from the event! This includes BOTH TEAMS and any party involved. After you or your team is removed from the event, we will evaluate the situation and possibly ban any team(s), coach(s) or player(s) for the remainder of the year, possibly longer! At the minimum, you/your team will be removed from the event, no matter who is at fault!

- Each coach participating in this tournament will set an acceptable example for the athletes. The tournament policy is set to prohibit any behavior that might be detrimental to any phase of the event or to the athlete(s). The use of vulgarity or profane language is expressly forbidden, as well as the use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco are not allowed anywhere on the property, this will result in immediate ejection. Immoral behaviors will not be tolerated. Any individual guilty of violating this policy during any time of the tournament - arrival time to departure time - will be ejected from the premises. In the case of any disrespectful behavior towards the officials, the player/team will be given a warning. If the disrespectful behavior continues, the player will be given a technical foul and/or ejected and/or dismissed from the tournament. All Teams are expected to respect the organizing committee's efforts in organizing the basketball tournament.

- Obey the referee’s decision even if it's a "bad" call, nobody is perfect.

Examples of Poor Sportsmanship include, but are not limited to:

- Vulgarity and or Profanity

- Disrespecting Tournament Officials

- Disobeying Coaches and Game Officials

- Unnecessary Roughness

- Disrespecting, profanity towards, touching or threatening referees

- Any other action seen by officials, coaches, or parents that is in bad taste or a danger to other players

The Tournament Director reserves the right to the final decision pertaining to any action committed by a player, coach or fan. The Director reserves the right to change/modify any of the rules and regulations when, in the Director's opinion, is in the best interests of the players without regard to the coach or the fans.

7/1/2023 8:15 AM

Good Morning

Please read carefully!

We had a couple games that changed, please look over the schedule and make sure you have the most up to date schedule.

Team Check -IN

All Players and Coaches must enter on the right side of the building. Only Players and coaches may do so. All players must be in uniform

If you have National Sports ID, only the head coach has to sign in.

If you do not have National Sports ID, ALL players must check in with the head coach and must present birth certificates and report cards, for all players. Also turn in a roster. Please be there 1 hr prior to your 1st game.

The parking fee, has nothing to do with Panhandle Basketball. That is the facility, not us.

Gate Fees
$45 for the weekend
$30 for the day

Kids 11 and under are free

Hope everyone has a fun filled day of basketball and we wish all teams the best of luck!

Thank you
Panhandle Basketball

7/1/2023 6:57 AM

Good Morning

The schedule will be released aournd 12pm today

Thank You
Panhandle Basketball

6/29/2023 7:50 AM

Good Evening

We have a little 20 teams that have yet to pay. If you have not made payment yet, we have extended it until tomorrow, but that is the last day. If you are registered and for whatever reason you are not playing, please reach out and let us know.

We do still have 11 spots availible.

Schedule request must be recieved Wednesday morning 8am-12pm only. Schedule request are just that, a request. They are not gauranteed but we will do our best to honor them.

Remember, your team must have, either National Sports ID or Birth Certificates and reports for ALL PLAYERS. NO Exceptions!!!

Schedule will be out late Wednesday or early Thursday

Thank you
Panhandle Basketball

6/26/2023 8:23 PM

Good Morning

The 6th Annual Big South Showcase is on the verge of selling out and having a waiting list by this weekend. Payment is due by or before Saturday.

Payment Options
$Panhandlebasketball - Cash App
@Panhandlebasketball - Venmo

Make sure you put team name and tournament name in the memo section, so we know who and where to apply the payment!

All teams must have National Sports ID or birth certificates for all players! We check all teams!

Thank you

6/22/2023 8:11 AM

The following reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded.
More detailed reports can be found on the divisions page.



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7/1/2023 12:12 AM

Overall Standings

11/6/2022 7:04 PM

All event related questions should be directed to John McDonald at or call (850) 380-0818.