Utah AAU Girls Winter Super League

January 9 - March 6, 2018 Salt Lake City, Utah



If your team is still involved in your division tourney bracket, please check your schedule. A few adjustments have been made.

3/5/2018 12:40 AM


Please check your division tourney brackets to confirm your game time/site for this week. We have a couple of divisions that will not begin their tourneys until next week.

You can view the bracket on the app by selecting your division and then clicking on the bracket bar. Each time a game in the bracket is completed the score will be updated and you will receive a text with that score. If your team is moving forward in the bracket that game information will show up on your team schedule as well as on the bracket.

Please remember to bring your scoresheets!!

Good luck!

2/26/2018 11:53 AM


I am asking again for your help.


We have players and parents trying to access gyms 45-60 minutes prior to the start of the first game. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It is a huge inconvenience to the site staff...whether it is a school or private facility...and it is a major insurance problem.

I have emailed coaches several times about this issue. I am asking you to personally notify your players and their parents about this concern. We will continue to lose gym sites because of this kind of problem.

2/17/2018 2:31 PM


Wanted you to know that our spring league will be held on Friday nights and Saturday mid-afternoon/evenings in April and May. Games will be at Sport City in Draper.

Registration is OPEN.

1/30/2018 8:50 PM

The Utah AAU Superleague schedule is now updated. I hope this is the last update. Please check your schedule carefully!

Again...I'm asking for your help at American Prep.
We absolutely cannot go through the main school doors on the south side of the building to reach the gyms. The gym doors for the main gym and auxiliary gym are on the north side of the building.
We were kicked out of APA three years ago for this problem. I promised the APA staff that our coaches and teams would respond to this request this year.

Reminder: You must have the official Play Hoops roster at your game or your team will not be able to play.

1/15/2018 10:38 PM

We are updating the schedule and had to take it down from view. A team dropped...a couple of teams are placed to high...a team placed too low. We are double-checking and will have it up later today. I will email when it is published.

1/15/2018 3:02 PM

I forgot to attach the scoresheet sample.

They are attached to this email.

1/11/2018 11:16 AM

I forgot to attach the roster sample.

They are attached to this email.

1/11/2018 11:15 AM


Please double check your schedules every week!! I have some instances with back to back games at different sites which is an oversight on my part. Working on fixing those today. There should not be any additional changes by next week, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Olympus Jr High can no longer host our league on Thursday nights. That site is now Skyline High School Auxiliary Gym (in the separate building to the north of the main building).

A few reminders...and I'm not sure how to communicate these as firmly as they need to be.... Please forward this email to your players and parents.

-Teams are not allowed in the gym sites until 15 minutes before the 1st game of the night.

-There is no food or drink allowed in the venues...only water and Gatorade with the players.

-Unattended children are not allowed.

Coach...your team needs a PLAY HOOP ROSTER AND SCORESHEET turned in before your first game. Some coaches have shown up unprepared for their first game or with other types of scoresheets. Your team will not be allowed to play without a Play Hoops scoresheet. I have attached a Play Hoops Roster and Scoresheet as a sample. Here is the link to create a Play Hoops account:https://utahaau.com/index.php/rosters

1/11/2018 10:11 AM


The Utah AAU Superleague schedule has been updated. Please check your team schedule.

There will be no further changes to the schedule. We have limited court space...and with 130 teams there really is no wiggle room. I have done the very best I can to accommodate each team's requests through pool play.

There will be playoff games at the end of pool play. The brackets will be populated as soon as pool play is finished. You can look at the brackets in advance to see where and when your team might play as we get about halfway through pool play.

The league app can be found under "Premier Basketball Club" in the App Store.

In case you were not aware, the SportsWorld Event Center closed its doors around December 20th and liquidated all of the equipment, floors, baskets, etc. I was counting on that facility to host our league. It has been a mad scramble to secure courts in the past two weeks. I have contacted every school in Granite School District, Salt Lake School District and the south end of the Davis School District. We are using private facilities, charter schools and some junior high courts. The court cost is averaging around $90 per hour per court...which is much higher than planned for. There is absolutely no court space to be found north of 5300 South. I appreciate your positive attitude and gratitude for the courts we have;)

It is also the middle of high school season...and we are working hard to staff all of our games with two good officials. This is another reason to enjoy the games and let the players enjoy the experience. If we continue on the recent trend of inappropriate behavior directed toward officials we will find ourselves without any.

A few reminders:
-All teams must have the Play Hoops roster and scoresheet ready to turn in at the check in table at your first game. Info on this can be found at www.utahaau.com under the Roster tab.
-All teams must provide their completed Play Hoops scoresheet at each game. YOUR TEAM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITHOUT IT. If you will have an assistant coach helping you then please be sure that person has copies of your scoresheets. Please do not crab to the staff if you forget your scoresheet and your team is not allowed to play. They don't make the rules...the insurance company and the school districts do.
-No food or drink in the gyms. Water and Gatorade only.
-No unattended children in the facilities.

Please note that Legacy Prep Academy is the junior high facility in North Salt Lake. It is not the Legacy Prep elementary school which is by the Utah Athletic Center. All addresses and maps can be found on the Premier app.
There is a Venue tab on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen on the app.

At the Utah Athletic Center there will be some volleyball teams practicing on our game nights. The basketball courts are the two courts at the back of the facility. Just walk down the aisle to the courts.

The doors to enter the American Prep gyms are on the North side of the building. There will be signs on the front doors of the school directing you. Please do not walk through the school to get to the gyms.

The doors to enter Summit Christian Academy are on the south side of the building.

Finally...let's enjoy watching these young kids play a great game! I'm looking forward to seeing you and your teams!! Good luck!!

1/5/2018 3:41 AM


The Utah AAU Winter Superleague schedule is now live.

We have one site on Tuesday and one on Thursday that is listed as TBD
...those sites will be confirmed and updated by tomorrow night. I'll send an email to confirm as soon as possible.

The easiest way to find your team schedule is to download the Premier Basketball app...I mentioned in my email a couple of weeks ago that my E3 App was transitioning over to the Premier app...that has all happened. Please encourage your players and parents to also download the app so everyone is on the same page.

Please have a copy of your team roster and a team scoresheet ready to hand to the site supervisor at your first game. THE ONLY ROSTER AND SCORESHEET THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED WILL BE THE PLAY HOOPS FORMS AVAILABLE AT WWW.UTAHAAU.COM.
All players and bench personnel must have a current AAU number listed on the roster.

The game rules are attached.

Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes if you play the first game at a site.

We have a no food/no drink policy for spectators.
Players are allowed to have a water/Gatorade bottle.

The gym doors for both courts at the American Prep Academy site are on the north side of the building. Please do not come thru the school building to the courts.

Unattended children are not allowed at our venues. Teams that break this rule will be asked ONCE to adhere to this request. A second violation will cause the team to be dismissed from the league with no refund.

Your example as a coach with respect to proper adult behavior is critical to the success of the league and our ability to schedule good officials and scorekeepers. Please keep yourself and your fans under control so that the players can enjoy their experience. The attached game rules further detail expectations. I would recommend that you forward the game rules to your players and parents.

Please double-check your game schedule the day before your game to have the correct game info.

Best of luck to your team!

1/1/2018 7:07 PM


Thank you for your team registration for the Utah AAU Winter Superleague!We are working on the schedule. Not sure if it will be ready to roll out this weekend, but it will by mid-week next week at the latest. We have 130 teams...so it will take some time to be sure all of the kinks are worked out.

You will be able to access the scheduleonline by going to www.utahaau.com >Events >Utah AAU Girls Winter Superleague >Schedule. Once at the site you can click on the Schedule tab on the top menu. Follow the prompts to find your division and team and schedule. The easiest way to find your team schedule and keep up to speed on game scores, sites/directions, brackets, etc., is to download the E3 Basketball app. (The app will be changing over to Premier Basketball Club in about two weeks...I'll let you know when that happens.) Please encourage your players and parents to download the app and use it to confirm game sites/times.

Be sure all of your players and coaches (and any adult who sits on the bench) have current AAU memberships. If they need to purchase those, go to www.aausports.org. You do not need a club code to create a membership. Adult memberships can take up to two weeks with the background check so please be sure those registrations happen soon.

Once your players and coaches have current memberships you can create your Play Hoops account which is the national AAU roster program.This is the ONLY roster that will be accepted at the winter superleague. You can create a Play Hoops roster by going to www.utahaau.com and using the links in the box to the right on the landing page. You will need the following information from your players to create your roster: current AAU number, last name and jersey number.

Once you have created your team roster,you can access it anytime and update it as needed. For this event, you will need a copy of your team roster and a copy of your team AAU Play Hoops scoresheet to hand in at team check-in at your first game. You are required to bring a scoresheet with you to each game and give to the scorekeeper. The only players that can participate in the league are those that are listed on your roster and scoresheet that you hand in at your first game. If you need to make a change it needs to be cleared with Anita Rowland THE DAY BEFORE your game.

If your team does not have the official AAU Play Hoops at your game, YOUR TEAM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY.If you have a parent or someone who could potentially sub in for you, be sure they have some copies of your scoresheet so they can be prepared at game time. We can only use our venues if all participants have current AAU memberships which allow us to then have facility coverage. We have to be assured that our insurance is in force by requiring official scoresheets that show insured players. No insurance proof = no courts.

Once the schedule is complete I will email you. At that point I'll send game rules and any other reminders.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


12/20/2017 11:02 PM


Utah AAU Girls Winter Super League | Tuesdays | Utah Athletic Center, Northwest Middle, Glendale Middle | 8-Game Guarantee | $610 per team | 4th-9th Grades | D-1, D-2, D-3 | Deadline: December 15th

  • League
  • All teams
  • Girls: 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th
  • D1/D2/D3 ability level(s)
  • $610.00 entry fee
  • 8 game guarantee


Salt Lake City, UT


Anita Rowland


Download the Premier Basketball Club App

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General Information

Utah AAU Girls Winter Super League

Dates:  January 9th-March 6th - Tuesdays
Cost:  $610 | 8 Game Guarantee
Age/Divisions:  Girls | 4th-9th | DI, DII, DIII
Site:  Utah Athletic Center, Northwest Middle, Glendale Middle

Payment with Registration Required.

Deadline: December 15th

Official AAU Rosters required!  All players and coaches MUST have current AAU numbers.  Details HERE.

All event related questions should be directed to Anita Rowland at anita@utahpremierbasketball.com.

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