SCHEDULE CHANGES :Please make sure to double check your times. - We have been running events with COVID hovering over us for nearly two years. You must check the website and the app frequently for any schedule changes! Assume your schedule will change at some point!!!

IF YOU ONLY SEE 1 GAME - It means you are part of a bracket. Check the bracket affiliated with your division before contacting us. The Exposure system only shows game information for games that it has all the information for. With brackets, it doesn't know the court assignment or opponent for your 2nd game until your first game is played.

UNIFORMS -The visiting team has the responsibility to make sure uniforms contrast to the referees satisfaction. Home/Away teams can be viewed on the venue schedule: Referees decision and any penalties imposed are final and not up for debate. Make sure you have multiple colors to wear!

SCOREKEEPERS - All teams are responsible for providing a scoreboard operator or someone to keep our "Game Sheet". This person is admitted free! The "Home" team will provide the scoreboard operator; the visiting team will keep the "Game Sheet".

SPECTATOR BEHAVIOR - We have had some major issues with parents this year. Referees have discretion to assess technical fouls for spectator behavior and they are expected to do just that. If they choose to ignore spectators who are being verbally abusive or disruptive to the game, it will impact future assignments.

FACILITIES OPEN; Facilities will open 30 minutes prior to the first game of the day. Do not show up early; you will be denied entry while we are setting up.


4/29/2022 10:00 AM

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