We have an open spot fo a WNBA Division team to play at 11:10, ACA.
Please us know tonight if interested.

7/11/2020 10:26 PM

The Middle school backets are set. Please confirm the following with the website. Please refresh your browser. A reminder, this is a 4 game guarantee. When your teams loses, hey are done playing.

The 1st play Bracket feature ( Ki Will Bracket)

  • Cyfair Elite 2026 vsTexas Elite 2024 at 8:30 am on Crt 1 (FOC)
  • AD Elite Rising vsSTX Skilz 2024 at8:30 am on Crt 2 (FOC)
  • Championship Game at 12:30pm on Crt 1 (FOC)
The 2nd place Bracket featues ( Lyssa Smith Bracket)
  • Sky Diggs vsHays Countyat 9:50 am on Crt 1 (FOC)
  • CyFair Elite 2024 vsStat Elite 13Uat 9:50 am on Crt 2 (FOC)
  • 2ns Place Bracket Champs game at 12:30 on Crt 2 (FOC)
The 3rd place Backet features (Lexi Rich Bracket)
  • CyFair Elite 2025 vsCC Thunderat 11:10 am on Crt 1 (FOC)
  • Houston United 2026 vs SA Finest Visionat 11:10 am on Crt 2 (FOC)
  • Backet Winners at 1:50 pm on Ct 1 (FOC)

7/11/2020 4:57 PM

Middle school brackets will be released by 7pm.

7/11/2020 1:33 PM

Updated Middle School Link

7/10/2020 1:46 PM

Updated middle school link

7/10/2020 1:36 PM

If you already purchased Middle School tickets using the last link, you are fine. Your ticket is valid. Please bring proof.

7/10/2020 1:30 PM

Middle school coaches please use this link for purchases for middle school games at Factory of Champions

7/10/2020 1:25 PM


Please let your parents know to NOT come to the games early and congregate outside. Parents will NOT be allowed in before 10 minutes before tip IF the court is ready.

When outside, please use social distancing. Groups larger than 10 or more is prohibited by city ordinance!

We are only letting players in when the previous game has been finished and the court (bleachers and benches) have been cleaned.

Please understand that we are trying to comply with facility and city policy.

7/10/2020 12:57 PM

To ensure no loitering in the facilities, we WILL NOT post a brackets.

Please share this link with your parents to the brackets

Brackets will be updated within one hour of the conclusion of games

7/9/2020 5:31 PM

Here is the live stream link

7/9/2020 4:33 PM

If you are in the the following NCAA Division brackets (Atkins, Griner, Jones, Simmons) please check your schedule for a venue change starting for games 4:30pm and later.

Court 1 and 2 of the 4:30, 5:50, 7:10 and 8:30 games originally scheduled for the Gervin Academy have been moved to Cornerstone Christian.

Court 3 games are still on at the Gervin.

Cornerstone Christain
17702 NW Military Highway

Sorry for the inconvience. As we tell our players, next play!

7/9/2020 2:32 PM

We are using social distancing in the bleachers and chairs for ACA and GA.

At FOC, all patrons must seat in assigned seats that will be pre-seperated.

7/9/2020 8:58 AM

We WILL accept cash for HS divsions, ACA and Gervin Academy.

Please bring exact change if possible.

Each HS team will have 30 wristbands alloted at your scheduled facility.

Friday- $15
Sunday- $12

7/9/2020 8:24 AM

Please check schedule. It had to be updated last night at 11pm.

7/9/2020 7:58 AM

Reminder that ALL paricipants must sign liability waivers and have temperture scans of 100.4 and lower to enter.

Coaches will sign a waiver stating that all players have not have had symptoms of Covid BEFORE entering.

Additiional procedures at

7/9/2020 7:48 AM

Please submit rosters to by 12pm

7/9/2020 7:43 AM

Below is the link provided to purchase tickets in advance for the Blueprint scheduled for July 10 to 12, 2020. In order to help in securing the safety of the coaches, players, staff and fans, we are asking everyone to purchase their tickets online.

However, WE WILL have cash purchases at the door for the high schookl divisions as well.
Only 30 spectators per team/per game, will be allowed to enter the facility to watch the game.

Please note, ONLY 25 spectators per team/game will be permitted in the middle school division. All middle school division will be at the factory of champions.
TICKETS (Cash) WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE FACTORY OF CHAMPIONS LOCATION - If your first game is scheduled at Factory, you must purchase your ticket online or visit ACA or Gervin Academy. - NO ACCEPTIONS.
Please print your ticket and bring it with you in exchange for your daily event wristband.
Thank youfor your continued support.

7/9/2020 7:15 AM

Thank all of you for your patience. The schedule can be seen here

We tried to honor all request. We we NOT make any changes unless it is a mistake on our part. This is a 4 game guarantee.

When viewing the schedule, most will see 2 posted games. That is correct. Those in bracket play will play 3 games in backet and 1 in exhibition.

The MS Elite elite division will go into backet play after pool play.

We had teams drop up until last night which impacted two pools. Those teams that are NOT in backet will have 4 gauranteed games and receive a $200 discount in the 2021 Blueprint.

In these tying times, thank you all! Every team in the event will receive a $100 discount in a future ShesBallin event og your choice.

Please check the schedule all the way up to noon Thurday for minor adjustements.

7/8/2020 6:56 AM


I will be releasing the Blueprint Schedule tonight at midnight. Thanks for your patience. For an updated team list, click here

7/6/2020 6:41 PM

Sorry wrong links

Payment links are back up on

My cash app is $raycwell for those who wish to pay on this platfom.

Payment is due Monday, July 6, by noon.



7/5/2020 1:37 PM

Payment links are back up on

Also included are the links below for up to 3 teams.

Blueprint Team Fee- One Team
Blueprint Team Fee- Two Teams
Blueprint Team Fee- Three Teams

My cash app is $raycwell for those who wish to pay on this platfom.

Payment is due Monday, July 6, by noon.



7/5/2020 1:31 PM
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