Hoosier Co-Op presents

Shamrock Classic Schedule

March 13-14, 2021
Indianapolis, Indiana


You may NOT enter the facilities until 10 minutes before your game. It is NOT appropriate to show up early. Please wait in the parking area until your court is clear.

3/14/2021 8:47 AM

After discussions with Westfield Schools, Best Choice FH, and Best Choice FH management teams, as well as Hamilton County Visitors, and Sports Authority persons. Hoosier Co-op, and Shamrock Classic must be responsible to share the various Covid 19 guidelines. We’re excited to host 160 teams for the event this weekend! Crowd control will be an element we must work as a team, and share the responsibility.

All facilities are under State mask mandate. All facilities numbers are capped at 50%. Best Choice FH has no added restrictions. Finch Creek FH is limited to Participants and family members. Westfield Schools are limited to Participant and two fans. Some Westfield gyms are BYOC (Bring your own Chair) You can get specific details HERE

General Covid-19 information: We are asking that all coaches and parents pre-screen before arriving to the gym and entering facility. Upon check-in each coach must verify that everyone is symptom free and temp is below 100 degrees. Coaches are also responsible for parent/fan groups. Failure to comply with facility requirements may result in game delay, or in an extreme circumstances forfeiture of the game(s). Weather permitting, check-in and admissions may be set up before you walk into the facility. We will follow guidelines as to the number of people allowed for each facility, and location. Social distancing will should be followed before, during and after completion of games. Immediately following your game, you must vacate the building to allow for cleaning/sanitizing for next game. You can get additional rule and event specific data on the Shamrock web site

Look forward to seeing your masked face soon!

3/12/2021 9:46 AM
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All event related questions should be directed to Darrin Simpson at classic@hoosiercoop.com or call 3176630665.