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West Hills February Quick Qualifier #1 Schedule

February 18, 2023
Portland, Oregon


Coaches & Parents,

The schedule for this Saturday is now available through the Exposure website: It can also be viewed on the Oregon Amateur Basketball app. I have sent the schedule over to my web designer and anticipate it being posted to: by midnight.

SCHEDULE IS FINAL...BUT PROBABLY ISN'T - Unfortunatley in 2023, the schedule is always subject to change. Last year, teams withdrew almost every week with COVID issues. This year the flu bug seems to have hit early. We don't refund for these cancellations, but we cannot stop them either. As much as we all want this to be behind us, it's still looming over events. We do our best in setting the schedule this weekend to minimize the impact that cancellations will have on an individual team. With that said, you must check the website and the app throughout the week for any changes.

UNIFORMS - The visiting team has the responsbility to make sure uniforms contrast to the referees satisfaction. Home/Away teams can be viewed on the venue schedule: Referees decision and any penalties imposed are final and not up for debate. Make sure you have multiple colors to wear!

SCOREKEEPERS - All teams are responsible for providing a scoreboard operator or someone to keep our "Game Sheet". The "Home" team will provide the scoreboard operator; the visiting team will keep the "Game Sheet". Home/Away teams can be viewed on the venue schedule:

SCHEDULE CHANGES - Flu is still active! That could impact schedules if teams are forced to withdraw. You must check the website and the app frequently for any schedule changes! Assume your schedule will change at some point!!!

FACILITIES OPEN – Facilites will open 30 minutes prior to the first game of the day. Do not show up early; you will be denied entry while we are setting up.


*2-16 Minute stop-clock halves. Last 4 minutes of the second half will run if the lead is 15 points or more. If the lead goes to 14 points or less, normal stop-clock rules will apply
*3-Minute Halftime (Might be cut down if we are behind schedule)
*3 Timeouts per game (1 additional per overtime up to a maximum of 3)
*5 fouls per player
*All Overtimes are 2 minutes
*No pressing or Trapping with a 25-point lead
*7th & 8th Grade Boys use full-size ball. Everyone else uses 28.5 (Girls Ball)

I look forward to hosting you this weekend,

-Michael Stone
Tournament Director

2/14/2023 7:50 PM

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All event related questions should be directed to Michael Stone at or call 971-302-9637.