FLIGHT CLUB presents


March 9-10, 2024
Hood River, Oregon


Hello Hoopers!

Champsionship Sunday is here!

Please review your schedules and let's have a great day!

Side note. 5th Boys that do not get a 3rd game will get a partial refund due to a team dropping.

3/9/2024 9:11 PM

Hello Hoopers!

We are one sleep away from some great hoops!

Please triple check the schedule as a team had to drop.

Best of luck to everyone!

3/8/2024 7:36 PM

Hello Hoopers,

Please see the additional information about the weekend below!

1) Find venues here: Find your venue here!

2) Find entry information here: Entry Information

3) Find tourney rules here: Tourney Rules are here!

3/7/2024 3:12 PM

Hello Hoopers,

Thank you for your patience. There were a lot of time requests so hopefully I got them all.

Much more information will come out tomorrow so please be patient and I will answer most questions with tomorrows message.

Let's have a great weekend.

You can find your team's schedule below.

Find your team here!

3/6/2024 9:27 PM

The following reports can be viewed, printed or downloaded.
More detailed reports can be found on the divisions page.



3/6/2024 7:56 PM


3/9/2024 12:04 AM

Overall Standings

1/23/2023 12:28 AM

All event related questions should be directed to Brandon Richardson at infogoflames@gmail.com.