NGS HOOPS presents


March 1-3, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia


WELCOME TO THE NGS 7th ANNUAL SEASON OPENER the WHO GOT NEXT TIP-OFF. We will like to thank you for allowing NGS to host your organization and we hope you enjoy this event.


Tournament Admissions: Credit/Debit
Friday $10, Saturday $20, Sunday $20

Team Roster: Teams roster must be completed within Exposure Basketball by 2pm Thursday

Score Sheets: Scoresheets will be pre-printed by NGS based on teams roster within Exposure Basketball.

Home Team -TOP TEAM OR FIRST TEAM LISTED. The home team is responsible for the game ball.

Coaches Check-In Team's head and assistant coach must check in before his/her first scheduled game at the location of his/her first scheduled game.

Two coaches per team will be provided free entry coaches band. Coaches band must be worn throughout the tournament. If bands are misplaced or not worn on the coach's wrist the coach will have to pay entry fee.

Coach Attire: All coaches must wear a polo styled, collared, or team related shirt. (Shirts that state team fan, team mom/dad, etc. are NOT considered a coaches shirt) Coaches must have on coaches band to sit on team bench during game.

Player/s Uniform: Players must have on team uniform and be on team roster to enter the gym for free and play in the games. Players must play in a minimum of one pool game to be eligible to play in bracket games.

Basketball Balls: Coaches are only allowed to bring up to two balls into the facility. Players/Siblings/Spectators are not allowed to bring a basketball into the facility or dribble the basketball inside the facility

Team Books-Please have team books at check-in and available at all times throughout the tournament. Books should have proof of age ei, include birth certificate or state ID, and report card.

Game Time-Due to the number of teams, and in consideration of all teams, players, coaches, and staff It is imperative that all coaches, players, and parents make the proper arrangements to arrive on time for all games.

PLEASE NOTE: We understand that this will be a competitive event, but we do ask that all coaches, players, and spectators conduct themselves in a positive manner. There will be zero toleration for disrespectful and offensive behaviors. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A YOUTH SPORTS EVENT. WE WILL LIKE TO ENSURE THAT WE SET POSITIVE EXAMPLES FOR OUR YOUTH

Additional Tournament Rules and Procedures Click Here

3/1/2024 1:44 AM

If you have already submitted your roster please disregard the previous message

2/29/2024 10:41 AM

Good Morning,

Please input your teams roster into the basketball.exposure system. All Players must be listed on your teams roster to participate in this event. Rosters should include Name, D.O.B. and Grade must be on the roster.

Thank you and We look forward to hosting your organization.

2/29/2024 10:17 AM

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