Panhandle Basketball presents

2nd Annual Run to Nationals

March 16-17, 2024
Panama City, Florida


Thanks everyone for running with Panhandle Basketball this weekend. We really enjoyed watching your teams and hope you had a great time. Panhandle is hosting hosting next weekend in Gulf Shores, AL and already has close to 90 teams registered. Get in now before we sell out!

Panama City Beachs will next host April 20th weekend. We would love to see ya back. Over 30 teams already registered for our next host opportunity in PC. Have a safe drive home and we appreciate you coming to play this weekend.

3/17/2024 3:53 PM

Brackets are good to go. We added a few silver brackets to give eveyone a great shot at getting these rings. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIMES AFTER THIS UPDATE! Thanks for running with us in Panama City for Panhandle Basketballs first tournament of the year!

3/16/2024 7:17 PM

Hi all, we had a team not show up so we need to wait until games are done to adjust a few brackets. Please double check them. Won't affect most of you but want to alert we have to update a couple of brackets. Will email when they are updated as soon as games are over. Thanks all.

3/16/2024 4:18 PM

Hi all,
Thanks for the patience. Schedule is locked for Saturday and Sunday. Have a great tourney, be good sports, enjoy and celebrate the ballers achievements. We will have rings for 1st and medals for 2nd. We appreciate all of you running with us in Panama City, FL.

3/15/2024 3:30 PM

Hey everyone,

Will have a schedule change today around 3:00 PM. Had one team who can't make it in 7th and had one drop in 4th/5th. We will post when updated and send out an email. Thanks for your time, will only affect a few teams.

3/15/2024 11:21 AM

Hi everyone,
Getting ready to release sfchedule, before we do, important notes:

1.) Sportsmanship: As stated before, a zero tolerance policy with no refunds and immediate ejection with no refund for parents, players, and fans. Any team or player with an ejection faces a full season ban from Panhandle basketball.
2.) You must be registered on NSID or have a book. for any player challenge. No challenges will be accepted after a game, must be before play begins.
3.) 16 minute running halves with stop clock at free throw line and last 2 minutes of 2nd half. Each team will receive 4 timeouts per game. Overtime will be one 2 minute period. If still tied after 1st OT game goes to sudden death overtime. 5th grade and down will play with a 28.5 ball and 14 minute halves. Normal foul rules with 1-1 at seven fouls and double bonus at 10. Five player fouls for all divisions. 28.5 ball for 5th and 4th grade boys and all girls divisions. There are no play dowdn exceptions. This is an age grade based tournament. Any player not in the correct grade will be removed from tournament for the remainder of the day and that team will lose any wins an illegal player participates in.
4.) SES and Panhandle will supply game balls and book. Just bring warm up balls.
5.) There are NO schedule requests for Sunday. Please do not ask. We may have a change or two posted before games tip Saturday, please check this schedule and be aware of messages. SES and Panhandle have the right to adjust schedule based on need.
6.) We have rings for 1st and medals fo r 2nd. Awards will be given out immediately after championship games.

Look forward to seeing all of our returning teams back for the start of another great year with Panhandle basketball. Have a great season and enjoy our first tournament of the year.

3/14/2024 9:04 AM

Hi everyone. Thanks for running with us in beautfiul Panama City. Starting to rework the schedule now. As many of you know, a tournament didn't make so we added a good amount of teams to our tournament. Will work on the schedule tonight and will post relatively soon be it late tonight or tomorrow by 12:00 CST.

Please remember a request is just a request but we will do our best for everyone. Thanks for coming over this weekend. We look forward to seeing your baller plays.

QUICK REMINDER: WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, FAN/REFEREE ENGAGEMENT, APPROACHING THE COURT OR THE SCORER'S TABLE. We will immediately dismiss any parent, player, or coach who promotes bad sportsmanship or negatively impacts the experience for fans.

Please have your NSID or book ready. Challenges are free and if you are in violation the player will be removed from the tournament and you will forfeit. Not having documentation on a challenge witll also expel the player. General info tomorrow after schedule release. Have a great night and can't wait to ball with everyone.

3/13/2024 9:36 PM

Hi coaches,
Please send me your schedule requests by 5:00 pm cst to

If you need help with lodging or have any other questions please let us know.
All team fees should be paid by Tuesday if you have not already done so.

Chris Pfahl
Host for Panhandle Basketball Run to Nationals

3/11/2024 12:41 PM


Age Divisions: 2nd - 12th Grade Team Entry Fee: $275 (Early Registration) $325 (Late Registration) 3 Games GUARANTEED! 1st & 2nd Place Awards!

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys & Girls: 12th-2nd
  • $275.00-$325.00 entry fee
  • 3 game guarantee
  • Exposure Certified


Panama City, FL


John McDonald
(850) 380-0818


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All event related questions should be directed to John McDonald at or call (850) 380-0818.