NTBA presents

NTBA 2022 Boys National Championship II (Age Based) Venues

July 18-23, 2022
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Following the Championship game both teams should report to the end of the lobby for awards presentation.

7/23/2022 10:36 AM

Please stay off the playing courts and baselines. Thanks for your cooperation.

7/20/2022 3:49 PM

Good luck to all teams at Nationals! Coaches: make sure your score is EXACTLY correct in the app after each game. Contact NTBA staff if your score is incorrect.

7/19/2022 12:13 PM

Parents: please be on your BEST behavior; any unsportsmanlike behavior or coming onto the court for any reason could result in your team being removed from event. Coaches please remind parents of this.

7/19/2022 12:11 PM

Please be very careful if you receive one technical foul as a 2nd one results in an ejection and you must sit out next game. Coaches remind your players of this.

7/19/2022 11:55 AM

Champion & Runner Up should report to the end of the lobby immediately following the game.

7/16/2022 11:01 AM

The following venues are being used for this event.

Myrtle Beach Sports Center

Myrtle Beach Sports Center
Myrtle Beach Sports Center (MBSC)
2115 Sports Center Way
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577
Court 1 (Ct. 1), Court 2 (Ct. 2), Court 3 (Ct. 3), Court 4 (Ct. 4), Court 5 (Ct. 5), Court 6 (Ct. 6), Court 7 (Ct. 7), Court 8 (Ct. 8)

All event related questions should be directed to NTBA at info@playntba.com or call 800-790-6822.