Syracuse Select @ Syracuse Sports Center presents

Fall Kickoff - Erie Teams

September 23-24, 2023
Erie , Pennsylvania


Good morning,

Please take a second to check your game schedule. We've had to make some minor schedule adjustments. Some of these changes may not have affected your team. Please review your team's schedule and make sure you're aware of the game times and location.

Also Coaches, EACH TEAM will be asked to provide ONE scorekeeper! That person will not be charged admission, But that person will need to keep score for all games with that associated team. There is to be NO harrassment of scorekeepers! There will be one from each team so they will be able to double check each other to ensure it is a fair process, one does the scoresheet, the other does scoreclock.

Thank you for your cooperation

9/23/2023 8:00 AM

Good evening Everyone,

We are excited to have you a part of this year’s Fall Kickoff Tournament Hosted by Syracuse Sports Center - Syracuse Select Basketball! This is the first tournament of our fall tournament series and we are looking forward to some great competition overall! With that being said below we have provided you with the information needed to relay to your players/parents. Schedule will only be changed if we made a procedural error. The Management of Syracuse Select Basketball thanks you in advance for following Tournament Procedures

Schedule: Tournament Schedule

Rules: Tournament Rules

Admission: There is an admission charge of $15 for a daily pass and $25 for a weekend pass for any spectators 12 & older.


Erie Sports Center (ESC)

8159 Oliver Rd

Erie, PA, 16509


To ensure fair play at Syracuse Select Basketball events, it’s required that all players be prepared to show proof of age and grade by providing a birth certificate and report card.

Challenging the eligibility of an opposing team’s player:

Only a Head Coach can challenge the eligibility of an opposing team’s player.
Fans, parents, and assistant coaches are not allowed to make an official challenge.
Challenges must be made to the tournament director before the game starts, no challenges can occur during or after gameplay.
If the challenge is incorrect, the challenging team will not be refunded their challenge fee. Challenge fee will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sister program of Central New York.
If the challenge is correct, ineligible player is disqualified, offending team will be disqualified if not enough eligible players. Multiple ineligible player offenses from an organization will result in suspension from Syracuse Select Basketball tournaments.
After one unsuccessful challenge by a coach, no player eligibility challenges can be made from that team in that same tournament.
There is $50 cost to challenge the eligibility of each player.

PARENTS READ THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT: Horseplay/Roughhousing of any kind will NOT be tolerated at the facilities. We expect all who are attending to be respectful and safe while at the tournament. Failure to meet these expectations will result in removal for the event.

We have updated our admission bands policy to the following :

Wristbands MUST be worn securely on wrist for entry into the tournament and cannot be slipped on and off.
Wristbands must be visible on your wrist upon exit at the gate in order to re-enter that same day.
Do NOT remove, stretch or tamper with your wristband in any way or you will be charged a re-entry fee. No exceptions.
We anticipate having a fun,competitive and more importantly safe tournament. So with that being said we will NOT tolerate any unsportsmanlike conduct including but not limited to trash talking, vulgar language of any kind, racial slurs or taunting. This includes any coach, player, and spectator.. Again we anticipate having a great competitive tournament and would not like to eject anyone nor issue any technical fouls, But a safe and competitive environment is the most important objective for this weekend .As stated in the tournament rules, except for the first game of the day, games may start up to 20 minutes early. Be Prepared to Play.

Lastly, DOWNLOAD OUR APP Syracuse Select – is a FREE iPhone and Android device app that will make the entire tournament process much easier. The APP includes addresses to all sites, pools/brackets for each division, standings within your pool, updated results for the entire tournament ,scores from each game, and much more. This APP should be your 1st choice for the most up-to-date schedule information.

Looking forward to a great event!

Akeem Mottley
Syracuse Sports Center - Syracuse Select Basketball
Phone: 315-882-7685

9/22/2023 7:46 AM

The following teams are officially participating in the Fall Kickoff - Erie .
Please note some teams may not be present yet. Click on the team to view more details.

All event related questions should be directed to Akeem Mottley at or call 3158827685.