Roundball Academy presents

The Big Easy Hoopfest

July 12-15, 2024
Memphis, Tennessee


Moving one of the Best Events from New Orleans to Memphis. Same hospitality with a city that is ready to get behind the event.

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Girls: 11th-6th
  • Ability: Competitive
  • $570.00-$695.00 entry fee
  • 6 game guarantee


Memphis Sports and Events Center Map
Memphis Sports and Events Center
995 Early Maxwell Blvd
Memphis, TN, 38104


Corey Hegwood
‭(214) 293-5649‬


General Information

Introducing the eagerly anticipated transition of the renowned basketball event, The Big Easy Hoopfest, from the vibrant streets of New Orleans to the heart of basketball culture in Memphis. The Memphis Sports and Events Center is a sprawling three-story facility boasting an impressive array of sixteen courts under one roof. Embracing Memphis's passion for the game, The Big Easy Hoopfest promises to ignite the courts with unparalleled excitement, uniting athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts for what promises to be the most significant girls' basketball event. Get ready to witness hoops history unfold in the city that lives and breathes basketball like no other.


Registration is currently open for the following divisions:

Planning NCAA Certification

This event is planning to be a NCAA certified event.

All teams participating at an NCAA certified event must register online prior to reporting to participate in the event. Failure to register and submit all required information will result in a team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events. Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated.

All individuals who are involved in coaching activities at a NCAA certified event must renew their USA Basketball Coach License and be approved by the NCAA prior to participation in the event. This must be completed in order to sit on a bench at any NCAA certified event.

All event related questions should be directed to Corey Hegwood at or call ‭(214) 293-5649‬.