Below you will find all pricing information Exposure offers.

Event, Tournament, League Scheduling Software


Exposure offers the most powerful software and tools around for tournament and league scheduling. Event directors choose us over their own registration or website version of scheduling because of the easability and flexibility it provides.

Our scheduling pricing is expressed in terms of credits. A scheduling credit costs $2.00 and represents a visible team in a published event schedule. Accounts receive 5 free credits to try out the platform. Scheduling credits can be purchased now or before an event schedule is published.

100 team event will cost $200 to schedule (100 * $2.00).

You can earn scheduling credits just by joining our Rewards Program.

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Exposure markets events through our Event Listing Directory, Event Bulletin, Event App, Facebook Group, and other marketing opportunities. Advertising for Tryouts or Individual Camps/Clinics are free! To advertise leagues or tournaments you must use us for scheduling. You can exchange marketing credits for scheduling credits to make this happen.

Our event marketing pricing is expressed in terms of credits. A marketing credit costs $30 and represents an event being marketed after applied. After applying a marketing credit to an event you automatically receive 15 scheduling credits. Marketing credits can be purchased now or after an organization saves an event.

1 event for marketing will cost $30 to advertise and exchanged for 15 scheduling credits.

Exposure Certified organization events are automatically marketed.

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Event, Tournament, League Marketing
Event, Tournament, League Registration Registration Software


Exposure offers two ways to do registration. Single team/participant registration or our multi-team/participant, multi-event registration and discount EventStore™.

  • Single Team/Participant - Free - Only Pay Merchant Fee (Stripe, PayPal, Square, and more)
  • EventStore™ - Stripe, Square or PayPal + 1% Exposure Fee, Optional Custom Domain Name (Free First Year, $100/year, No Ads)
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Branded App

Looking for a more branded solution outside of our default app? Exposure offers branded apps that have their own logo, events, colors and name in the App and Play store.

  • For-profit - $299 one time fee plus $99 yearly Apple fee
  • Non-profit - $399 one time fee (waives $99 yearly fee)
  • Logo/Name update - $50 one time fee (if you have own Apple account)
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Event, Tournament, League Branded App For Apple and Android
Event, Tournament, League Banner Advertising

Banners / Feature Listings

We offer banners and premium upgrades to our existing event listing service. Banners can be national or regionally placed at the bottom in our Event Listing Directory and always listed in our Event Bulletin newsletter.

  • Banners - $250-$2500
  • Featured Event Postings - $125-$350
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