NCAA Certified Event Services

Exposure offers a number services and tools for NCAA Certified events.

College Coaches Packet

Create professional and consistent college coach packet from our external tool or through Exposure reporting. Either way will create a PDF document that can be sent via email or printed at your nearest print shop.

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Roster Validation

Our packet tool will verify the roster data by highlighing warnings and errors that NCAA certified events require. The following validation rules are highlighted:

  • Check each athlete for a name, address and telephone number.
  • Check addresses and telephone numbers for players and coaches aren't the same.
  • Check for invalid or expired coach's approval numbers.
  • Check P.O. Boxes are not utilized.
  • Check out of state players are three or less per team (includes metropolitan area validation).
  • Check out of state players are in a valid adjoined state per team (includes metropolitan area validation).

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College Coaches Registration

Provide college coaches a way to register and purchase roster packets for an event online. There is also a college coaches report with institution logos under the reporting section of Exposure.

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Scheduling Rules

NCAA certified events require certain scheduling requirements. Our scheduling platform offers validation for those requirements so you stay compliant. The following validation rules are offerred:

  • Maximum of 3 games per day.
  • Maximum of 5 games in a rolling 2 day period.