College Coaches Packet Tool

2024 Packet Availability: Multi-team packet creator and validator will only be available to customers who use us for scheduling. If you want to take advantage of this tool make the switch to us for your event scheduling and save on each event. This is a demo tool and shouldn't be used to create full packets. You can then access the tool fully by logging into your director account and requesting access from us.

Create NCAA college coaches packets using our free tool. Stop copying and pasting and worrying about mistakes and let us do the heavy work for you. Just fill out the form below and upload the roster file that is downloaded from clicking Export Selected Rosters As CSV button on NCAA website from your event Participants List or use your own custom file (columns listed at the bottom of the page).

Sample Export

We don't share or store the data or file that is generated. The packet is downloaded to your computer, and sent to the email provided below.

Packet Tool

The packet or validation errors will be sent to this.
Large files can take between 5-20 minutes to process so please be patient.

If your file fails to generate a packet or the packet is missing data, please notify us so we can help you diagnose the problem.

Name Column Names Type Default Required Description
Team Team string (100) Team
Role Role string (100) Coach, Athlete (Must be Coach and Athlete)
Name Name string (100) Coach, Athlete
Address Address string (100) Team, Coach, Athlete
City City string (100) Team, Coach, Athlete
State State string (100) Team, Coach, Athlete
Country Country string (100) Team, Coach, Athlete
Zip Zip string (10) Team, Coach, Athlete
Phone Phone string (100) Coach, Athlete
Email Email string (100) Coach, Athlete
Approval Number ApprovalNumber, CoachApprovalNumber string (100) Coach
Birth Year BirthYear integer Coach
Height Height string (100) Athlete
Grade/Year Grade/Year, Grade string (100) Athlete
Graduation Year GraduationYear, Class integer Athlete
School Name SchoolName string (100) Athlete
Position Position string (100) Athlete
Roster Jersey Number RosterJerseyNumber, JerseyNumber integer Athlete